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60 External Comments

Corby describing my style: "Fleetwood Mac meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs" (Vanholle*******)

Kt tunstall - saving my face, jamie cullum - get your way, death cab for cutie - bixby canyon bridge, yeah yeah yeahs - kiss kiss (Iza***)

Ladyhawke, la roux, florence+the machine, yeah yeah yeahs, dresden dolls, miss kitin, ladytron, the knife, css, etc, etc (Verafi******)

Hmm.. Karen O bukannya cewek? Vocalist yeah yeah yeahs? Hahahahahaha. Itu normal dong! (Puter*****)

Yeah yeah yeahs. mgmt. marina and the diamonds. smashing pumpkins. Sonny Moore. the Clik Cliks. Midnight Beast. strokes. verve. beatles. (Jv**)

Cold light. Hot night. Be my heater, be my lover. And we can do it to each other (; NowPlaying "Cold Light"- Yeah Yeah Yeahs (GolN****)

Nowplaying Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hyperballad (Bjork's cover). Enakan versi Mocca ih..:p (AntieAKA*******)

And then there's bright eyes, metric, yeah yeah yeahs, coconut records. but don't get me started. (Pleasure*******)

Simultaneously listening to some Yeah Yeah Yeahs and. Lil Wayne?? (Mrbac****)

It's like regina spektor and yeah yeah yeahs banged. the product? florence and the machine. (Melsac__*******)

Danced to Yeah Yeah Yeahs' It's Blitz! this morning. Awkwardly, of course. And mostly just in my mind. (Itinagon*******)

Listened to the yeah yeah yeahs' "it's blitz!" album for the entire ride home. its a great album! (Davia*****)

Tv on the radio is amazing!! listen to province and golden age!! raditude is a must for your ipod! the yeah yeah yeahs are always worth it (Annie*****)

Flow sweetly hang heavy. You suddenly complete me - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric (Yan***)

Hm. vampire weekend, broken bells, rogue wave, banana pancakes, white stripes, the xx, yeah yeah yeahs, phoenix, sam roberts (Rgkr****)

Held on high from up up up above Kept my high from the second one Kept my eye on the first one. love the yeah yeah yeahs. hehe (Ralph*****)

Plan B: blasting Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Zero". cuz I'm a zero. hahaha video is so cool, though. Not a fan, but Karen O is pretty cool (Chic****)

If i bump the yeah yeah yeahs loud enough maybe it will drown out this dan ice cream truck. (Sdot****)

Metric metric metric yeah yeah yeahs well not yeah yeah yeahs just metric (Idrink*****)

Currently spinning a couple of records. Listening to The Weakerthans, We Are Scientists, Guided By Voices, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc. (Garr****)

Playlist para paisagismo: interpol, delphic, the cure, bloc party, operator please, the xx, yeah yeah yeahs, the drums. let's go! (Maa**)

Acabo de chegar do shopping, to em extase comprei o cd do yeah yeah yeahs *-* (_libe*****)

Nowplaying Maps - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "Wait, they don't love you like I love you.." (Ccte****)

Been building my Indie playlist for the road trip. So far, I've put down the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Strokes, I'm sure to get more. (J3f***)

Here's a brain teaser-- which song do you like better?: "heads will roll" by yeah yeah yeahs or "this is not a love song" by pil. (Funr***)

Is now playing: yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (a-trak remix)- club mix (Djben****)

Mood: X Song: "Cheated Hearts" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Prepping for the big D on Wed. Take these rings, stow them safe away. (Unrestr******)

Listening to yeah yeah yeahs. wish i brought my cd. so i'd have it all loud and obnoxious. ahaha! (GotL***)

Listening to some band. so yeah yeah yeahs/la roux/every hipster band from NYC fronted by a female. Mifflin still rules! (Drunkdr******)

Tuesday catch Imaad Wasif (played with Yeah Yeah Yeahs) along with The Naked Eyes and Joseph War (OKProdu******)

Rocket summer is singing maps by the yeah yeah yeahs. Best. ever. (Riley****)

Awesomelivecoverrecorditalready arcade fire - maps (yeah yeah yeahs) (Draind*****)

Listening yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (a-trak remix) [2010, club-house] (Kala****)

What's the best remix of "Heads Will Roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? (LightTh******)

Gonna go ahead, listen to my assigned Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, and write my little heart out. Hopefully (Stormsa******)

The background of "meet me halfway" by the blackeyepeas at 1:28-1:41 sounds exactly like maps by the yeah yeah yeahs. (Alter*****)

My mix playlist is so weird. including drake, ciara, yeah yeah yeahs, m. i. a., mike posner, david guetta, madonna, adele and calvin harris (Natasha******)

Pack up, but don't stray. oh say, say, say. i'll say, say, say, 'wait. they don't love you like i love you." -maps by the yeah yeah yeahs. (Raining******)

Just played: heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll(interscope) (WRGW***)

It's alright i quickly ushered it out again with some yeah yeah yeahs. we're safe. for now. ;-) (JAM***)

Palladia(567) on direct tv is really great all music channel. Watching some yeah yeah yeahs from Austin City limits. (_Supe*****)

I like blaire because she has LEGIT taste in music. jimmy eat world. the yeah yeah yeahs. regina spektor. i want to marry her. bd. (Pleasure*******)

Oh, neato. Got tickets to that Antlers/LCD Soundsystem/Yeah Yeah Yeahs/etc. show on Saturday. Two whoops. (Tjfa***)

Just got home from watching a yeah yeah yeahs tribute night at al's bar. now i'm drinking my Silk soy chocolate milk:) (Sofia****)

Muero por oir el mash-up de Thriller(Michael Jackson) con Heads Will Roll (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) en (Mrla***)

Black eyed peas, gwen stefani, the pretty reckless, britney, coldplay, cansei de ser sexy, yeah yeah yeahs, the runaways, b52's. (Iamven*****)

Katy perry feat. snoop dog-california girls//the b-52's-funplex//duran duran feat. ana matronic-safe//yeah yeah yeahs-dull life// (Superso*******)

Today's playlist: led zeppelin - in through the out door; rush - hemispheres; yeah yeah yeahs - it's blitz; alison krauss -so long so wrong (Towpar*****)

The fancy doctor's is playing the yeah yeah yeahs and has dwell in the magazine rack (MeganR*****)

Just walked in the rain listening to Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (it was on shuffle). (EdwinM*****)

Memories of Underdevelopment and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are fretting. (Biji***)

I rly regret not going to bumbershoot both days a few years ago when yeah yeah yeahs were there. (Apocalyp*******)

Mando diao, arcade fire, pulp, the cure, yeah yeah yeahs, emilie simon. (La_m****)

Banho gelado, no escuro com direito a Yeah yeah yeahs, Kills, Dire straits e Beautiful girls. (Laluneb*******)

I have a very important announcement to make i have decided that i like the yeah yeah yeahs (McDe****)

Today's playlist: led zeppelin - (four); yeah yeah yeahs - fever to tell; alison krauss - now that i've found you; creswell - creswell. (Towpar*****)

I will listen to it more tomorrow, have u listened to more yeah yeah yeahs?? xx (Redsha*****)

Seems like it's gonna be a great year for female musicians. Now all we need is a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. (Sentime******)

Yeah yeah yeahs- Down Boy, this song brings back so many memories of how much of a dumb B I can be. (Bitchin******)

Macy gray feat. velvet revolver-kissed it//red hot chili peppers-factory of faith//yeah yeah yeahs-heads will roll// (Superso*******)

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