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Yakima - USA

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60 External Comments

Before I give them to Goodwill; does anyone want my Total Gym type work out apparatus and/or our Yakima top of car bike rack? (Baehr****)

Yakima, and I'm pretty sure it is. Just because I want it that way. (Madize******)

Hero army pfc james l. miller, 21, of yakima, wa, kia mar 29 in dashat, afghanistan ied blast. was w/5th stryker bde, 2nd inf div. (Meek****)

Yakima, I could look over the rainbow pretty easily since I'm larger than life. And I know it was you. (Madize******)

How come all the wanna be thuff dudes and wanna be cool dudes are always ae in a pissy mood in yakima (Gaaras******)

Pre sale for george lopez goes on sale at 10am ticketswest. com may 14 yakima sundome. (LSalga*****)

Pre sale for geoge lopez goes on sale at 10am ticketswest. com may 14 yakima sundome. (LSalga*****)

Freezing this morning in Yakima and the fruit growers are getting nervous. (JeffTR*****)

Yakima shooting w/ victims in 2 locations: 21 yr. man was target (500 blk. of E "G" St.), 20 yr. man accidently shot (700 blk of N. Naches). (Shawnc******)

Forgot to mention about the Wasilla vs Yakima Valley game. Yakima Valley won 52-21! (AIFA****)

Medical marijuana dispensary bill delayed - kndo/kndu tri-cities .: kndu/kndo will provide all your local yakima, kennewick, richlan. (USA4***)

Join us at Yakima's landmark bar to watch the final four (Saturday) and the national championship (Monday)! Enjoy food and drink specials! (Greyston*******)

Heading out of Seattle and going to Yakima, the "Palm Springs" of Washington. (Kyleh****)

Attn: Yakima, A census block party is in ur community on April 3rd. Census staff will be on-site to answer . s and help u fill out ur form! (10Ab****)

This birthday was lame!! LOL on our way to eat, grab a drink, & head to walmart!! Wish I flew out to Yakima, and caught a flight back 2mro!! (UpWestO*******)

Andrew palau is headed to england; festivals in yakima, wa; san diego, ca; kampala, uganda, & santiago, chile in the works. (LuisPal******)

Just spotted "Brewlesque Esspresso" stand in Yakima with side of building painted like a stage & curtains. Cute! (Misskit******)

Help Ibis get their stolen in Santa Cruz van back: see a silver 2001 Honda Odyssey w/Yakima htch & roof rks, lic 4UDS589, call 911 (Jimla*****)

Yakima Counts! The 2010 Census Road Tour (Seattle Region) is heading over 2 Valley Mall & will be on-site from 5:30-7:30pm. Hope to see u! (10Ab****)

Yakima looks so beautiful and peaceful from up here. It's like all your problems melt away. I'm glad I got the chance up here. Relaxed happy (Jpma***)

I'm on top of the Larson Building right now! The tallest buidling in Yakima, and I'm on the roof. The view is amazing up here, very cool! (Jpma***)

If your im new York i have you right now its freaking hailing im Yakima! (Skoolg*****)

Your yakima news update: good afternoon everyone today in yakima it is raining like a mofo, just in it is haling harder than i have seen . (Harry*****)

Woke up in the yakima red lion, now on the first leg of our wine tasting. 2 wineries down, 6 bottles purchased, and a dec buzz going. :) (Marcusjm*******)

Had so much fun in yakima with my little girl and my best friend jojo (Nener****)

Work tomorrow in Moscow then yakima thursday. We leave friday for Kelso. (Naturet******)

Just ordered a yakima roof rack to fit my wife's big ass keyboard. Missoula or bust. (Johngil*******)

Watsup family, miss u guys! its messed up not having a phone! yakima valley is still on fire 4 Jesus n the message of the cross! (Yakim*****)

What Yakima Valley Wine would you pair with Easter dinner? For Ham, Lamb? (Yakima******)

Spring Barrel Tasting is coming 4/23-25. Join Yakima wineries Kana, Gilbert, Naches Hts, Southard & Wilridge for a new vintage. (Wine****)

Is happy that this was a beautiful morning for a run in Yakima, and sad that he could only run/walk for a mile. (Michael******)

Mexicanal network is now carried in the state of washington via the hispanavision, llc station k39fu-dt in yakima valley. (Shado*****)

Finally here, chillin in selah tonight. (for all my pdx and couve friends selah is right next to Yakima, almost the same city) (Bobulu*****)

Going to Yakima for a couple of days. see the web page to schedule! ciarramist Dot com (Ciarr*****)

Ruiz to speak at kunw-tv univision yakima "en comunidad" segment tomorrow about dream act and hb 1706 (WaLat****)

Yakima Valley Malbec from Eat Local - relaxing, the tennis channel, ah (Cdon****)

In yakima chillen with my little girl in jojo about to watch new moon (Nener****)

Good news-- wine cooler full of wines from Yakima, bad news -- out of beer. (Redmin******)

Phillips and Perdido up top proving to be a real handful for Yakima. (Kitsap*****)

Yakima Speedway with my babe, Lisaida & Joel. its pretty badass! (Apev***)

Going to Yakima valley community college next year! anyone else? (Tsev***)

All Yakima opportunities have come from outside 35 yards. Defense is strong. (Kitsap*****)

Kitsap Pumas Goal! six minutes in with a 1-0 lead against Yakima for the season opener (Produc******)

Dont get my fone back until schools out nit supended monday yeah in yakima (Xstev****)

At Chuck's house now. Watched the Kentucky Derby. Now, baked potatoes, roasted asparagus from Yakima. (Mad_****)

Back in Yakima from Seattle Shoreline area. I had an interview today. I think it went well. (Geed4****)

Just saw a bullet hole in the tail end of a sherriff's rig in Yakima. Ahh, the Palm Springs of WA. (Mpetri*****)

Chillin in yakima with beva. gonna take pics at a 15nera later tonight. i love the yakima valley (Waxica*****)

I worked at Yakima Meadows, Bay Meadows, Longacres, Golden Gate Fields, Portland Meadows & Turf Paradise. (Green*****)

High wind watch from yakima valley all the way to spokane thru mon. scattered showers & breezy in puget sound thru mon.49 days until summer! (Parell******)

I would love to but I'm on the team bus headed to our game in yakima. Won't be back till way late but thanks for the invite! (Gdsta****)

If you're out on the roads, stay clear of 16th & Washington in Yakima. Sounds like power's out and traffic's backed up. (KND***)

Um mom and dad are going to Yakima and I might go with them or go to my mommys house? Chey shan ove (Savanna******)

Been a bit since I've taken a charter anywhere. Not sure I miss it! Headed to Yakima for our season opener tonight. (Gdsta****)

Im bored. I'm haveing a yard sale at my house want to come? It's in yakima wa. (Silasm*****)

Eastern WA makes my eyes bleed. Not this bright back in Seattle. If you love some Spanish radio, move to Yakima. (Jeff****)

Live from may day march in yakima CWA is marching for workers rights and immigration reform! (Yakima*****)

Ill be at the Yakima Red Lion at 12PM for a meet and greet and at the Hampton in Walla Walla at 5PM. Stop in and say hello! (ClintD*****)

Gonna go check out the Granger Parade then head to Yakima to the May 1st March. Ill be posted up in the cinco zero nueve. (Waxica*****)

Two Weeks til kills the stage in Yakima, its bout to be a_! lmf&fao (Be_Amir******)

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