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Velvet Fabric - USA

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60 External Comments

No, sorry. Ask Pen. she makes handbags, I think she had some red velvet fabric from work. x (Josie****)

I have a slight case of haptodysphoria. I have a thing for velvet fabric. (Cryste******)

Wrapping a toilet seat in drab crushed velvet fabric in order to enhance things in the guest bathroom. (ALSubg*****)

I was lookin in WW yest 4 a Portugal track top, those nice ones in velvet fabric. did u make them 4 portugal? couldnt find?! (Lynn_l*****)

Makati in the m0rning. Divi in the afternoon. Where can i get a velvet fabric? Quite hard to find. Help please =) (Paie****)

Velvet fabric samples all over the house. Got 2 think ahead & choose the right colour. put it up against everything to make sure it's right (Salpic******)

The velvet fabric was so lush n beautifully faded-dark purple in some areas. (Kathe*****)

At the craft store today i bought 4 yards of purple velvet fabric. making your own sexy curtains FTW! and pillows. (Littled*******)

Should be waiting for you after your shift! Now where did I put that bolt of red velvet fabric. (Swso****)

Got 2 pieces of velvet fabric marked 5.99 on sale for 3.99 and rang up .49 each! (Plou***)

Apple ipad tablet 16gb, 32gb, wifi 3g black velvet fabric soft sleeve (Too***)

So me and Aunt Liz are going shopping for cherry velvet fabric for my 30's club chairs. I think I have a chair fetish. (Jorda****)

Once had a boyfriend that HOT GLUED crush velvet fabric 2 the interior of his old skol (MsPink*****)

I'm thinking velvet fabric for my Saturday outfit. Not sure if I wanna make a skirt or dress though. (LetsKILL*******)

Also we need to get some crushed velvet fabric and construct a winter cape for you. (Bets***)

Did that this morning and saved fifty-three dollars and thats with purchasing velvet fabric (can we say expensive) total 80 (Lrli****)

Just purchased some very sexy black silk and velvet fabric for formal bow ties. oh an sewing needles its on tonight. (Brown*****)

Thanks! I'm very close to making another purchase. and yes, velvet fabric in general actually, red or black. (Hollyn******)

Oh my gosh. All crushed velvet fabric really needs to be burned. (Mirder*****)

Sewing class was fun! hope this make up bag turns out the way i want it to lol i love that kind of velvet fabric with autumn colours (L) (MissL****)

That is hilarious. They could really go to town with their velvet fabric and 'fun' button embellishments! (Yorkshir*******)

Looks. at. green. crushed. velvet. fabric. glitter. tap. shoes.&make. shift. Eagles. Wings* I'm not motivated. (N_I_***)

I found two great dresses for the holidays at Burlington coat factory! What a nice surprise! One of them is velvet fabric. Very trendy now. (Xion****)

Standing in front of 30 metres of velvet fabric that I've just bought. Now. how am I going to get it into my car without touching it? (Weareal******)

Soultrainawards ron isley pants look like them old school couches and pillows from back in the day with the velvet fabric (BlackBo*******)

So which Starbucks 2011 planner should I claim: Maroon Velvet Fabric, Cool Clean Stainless Steel or Stained Dark Wood Panels? Any thoughts? (Mary****)

Couldn't get a perfect match in the red velvet fabric - different shade. Can you order me some please? (Sooside*******)

Hehe! I was imagining plum velvet fabric on the walls, inlaid ceiling lights beaming down on to plus sofas! Drinks cabinet. (Vitoria_*******)

Ifsantawasblack his red suit would be Sean John but in velvet fabric! (Jamille******)

No problem. would get it myself but I have 2m of velvet fabric which I really need to get round to making something from! :P (EmNa***)

Didn't realize how hard it would be to find pre-quilted black velvet fabric. (Therea******)

Maroon velvet fabric, cool clean stainless steel or stained dark wood panels? (Jengs*****)

Pulls out a small square of velvet fabric, opening up the corners to check the contents- (Tortuga******)

A few of the cookie crumbs scattered around - a small piece of red velvet fabric on the floor. a touch of magic for Christmas morning. (Nyforec*******)

On a mission to find black velvet fabric. hm I might have to resort to buying online. (Labella*******)

Too bright, lace, fur, velvet fabric to show women ice temperament, personality style reflects the mix of city girls being reckless claims. (Cris***)

Do I look best in red? Or should I shake things up a bit? I have my eye on lovely green velvet fabric. (GothelKn*******)

The daybed from muc: diva daybed in juno velvet fabric 24j5091at roomy interiors roomyinteriors. com 232 king st e, toronto (Hgtvc*****)

Hi, have you manage to find velvet fabric? I worked closely with Redaelli velvets and can garantee they're of a very high standarts (_whit****)

Morning tweeples. Anyone know a tut or a trick for creating velvet fabric texture in C4d? (Conanc******)

Size 40 ankle boots purple velvet fabric patchwork square chunky heel pointy front. think real made in Italy smelled leather inside (Bright*****)

This red velvet fabric Is raw . Hit the lab at 6 and the bag will be finished tonight ! Blazers next ! (JissaF******)

This is my first attempt with a black background which happened to be a piece of black velvet fabric. My ISO was set to Auto and end. (Savanna*******)

Few times to the art gallery when friends have had private views & there is a velvet fabric shop yum (Tedand*****)

In my head, red velvet fabric = posh grown ups so by having the cupcakes you are in fact high society and perfectly posh ;-) x (Ladyfro*******)

Get some velvet fabric && take your hand && pleasure yourself ; jerk.! (_imperf*******)

Making sure the cat doesn't go anywhere near my new black silk velvet fabric (Spacebar*******)

Watching DC Cupcakes, she told him to put red velvet on the bottom, this fool put actual red velvet FABRIC. Now, if u work in a bakery.?? (Apple****)

I LOVE velvet fabric. Its pretty, comfy, and has a timeless vintage look. (LetsKILL*******)

Juicy Couture Rhinestone Studded Velvet Bracelet: Rhinestone beads, Velvet fabric bracelet, Made in China, Colors Grey, Pink, 8.5 lon. (Leadg*****)

I actually think I made a floppy slouchy hat out the the same velvet fabric. And I may have worn it. Oh dear, I had blocked that out (Pr_in_t*******)

Not yet. wanna change the red tissue to red velvet fabric. fab right? (MARI****)

Got this amazing metre of blood red silk-velvet fabric today.. thinking of gifting it to the parashifters// (Cruzc*****)

I need to go look for some velvet fabric for these awesome shorts i'm gonna have made lol (Jordans*******)

I successfully cropped a shirt, who wants all this leftover velvet fabric! (LianS*****)

Oh and also after assess i'm going to find me some velvet fabric to make myself a skirt from :) (Rust***)

The previously mentioned purple velvet fabric which was previously on my knees, is now around my shoulders.. Feel like a creepy wizard! (Csmy***)

Sitting at a computer for hours makes me really cold! :( sitting with a cut of purple velvet fabric over my knees as a blanket!! (Csmy***)

The Rishabh Velveleen Limited: We are manufacturer and exporter of printed velvet fabric, flocked velvet fabric emboss velvet fabric,. (Nishi****)

Wife made me get rid of the ugly ottoman I've had since I was 20. Wrote a poem. "Ottoman, green, with your crushed velvet fabric," (con't) (Harriso*******)

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