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Tasteless - USA

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truly tasteless jokes two phototruly tasteless jokes two
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60 External Comments

I have a friend who thinks I am tasteless because I collect my loose change in Heroes of the Torah drinking glasses. What do you think? (Katt***)

Wisconsin Dells: Screwing Chicagoans and other tasteless FIBs out of their money since 1857. (Jwen****)

Drinking a vanilla designer whey protein shake from Vitamin Shoppe is one of the most tasteless and disappointing experiences I've ever had. (Johnmc******)

Yumm, Aussy tomatoes allways look beutiful, nice rich red- but they are tasteless, dont you think? Compare that to a kiwi grown (Imageme*******)

Tasteless subject matter ruined that musical form for me. Besides jazz it's the only two original Black art forms. (TFH2***)

John Banks-your comments relating to the new "Storm Door" concept were generally negative and specific references tasteless & unnecessary. (Wind****)

Today's youth; irredeemably corrupt and tasteless. A small child was running outside the flat, saying 'Jar Jar Binks!' and giggling. (_gm**)

Many people watched the tasteless video of "Tickle Me Elmo" on fire. (Shangha*******)

You don't need fat burners when you're close to your comp. Just think of your tasteless meals - those alone suppress my appetite! (Ljohn*****)

My colleague gave me sensa to try. Sprinkled it on my dinner. Tasteless. I'm full after 5 bites. Scary how it really works! (Danny****)

Hi-Rez Studios Issue Open Letter to APB Players: Long Live Shooter MMOs: While some may see it as a little tasteless, other will undou. (Samant******)

A scone is a traditional British pastry, and well, they're supposed to be terrible, so I tried some! They're quite tasteless. (MadameS******)

Felt bad fr dada. knw u r rght frm d head but heart dsnt lsten Hope u win but wthout dada it wil b tasteless. this is not an appeal (Ansh***)

Oh, they did. Burnt on outside, tasteless and watery inside. And plastic cutlery to add insult to injury! Was like a Generation Game scene! (Wurds****)

Alas no cake! Our works canteen cake is large and tasteless but I could have a twix (Annecu*****)

I used to have a Snow White costume, there's a photo of me wearing it wearing a lot of tasteless make-up (Cat_Ha*****)

Areca Plates are strong enough to be used even in microwave. Bioworld are odorless and tasteless and so do not affect the taste and flavor o (Zoessc*****)

HSB's sambhar is just oh-so full of salt and otherwise tasteless! Haven't been to Rathna Cafe, but I've heard a lot about it!! (Divya*****)

What is the simmilarity between a lady and a chewing gum. A. Both are sweet and slim in the beggining but become tasteless and shapeless later (Macho****)

Got meh? =.= really tasteless mar.. Eating mcd burger like gardenia bread only =.= (Pooka****)

GF r like chewing gum. both r in shape, sweet, shining, tasty in begining. but become shapeless, tasteless, dull and 'sticky' in end. (Damnfu******)

Yay! Have lovely Oz oranges again instead of the tasteless USA ones. (Rogl***)

Oh, extremely! But that's my principal's modus operandi. She's always tacky and tasteless! (Melo****)

Michael Jackson isn't in jail, he's in the forever box you tasteless whore. (Raydi****)

Woah. artosis, tasteless, day9, and djwheat are all commentating on the same game. i can't decide on which duo! (S0N***)

Word of week, Bedizen; verb: to ornament or dress up in a gaudy and tasteless manner (B2bmar*****)

The first man I liked on KPop and dragged me in is Heechul and without him variety shows and all will be just tasteless. :"( (Pingk*****)

Deary me you're accusing someone else of being tasteless. Successful irony bypass there John. (Big_****)

Yes, terrible awful tasteless coasters we would never use, and a wooden bowl couldn't see the point of! (Cherrym******)

Barstool is now blocked at work because it is considered "tasteless". Makes sense (TheeS****)

Watching colorized Miracle on 34th, rushing to find a tasteless Natalie Wood joke. Not only am I an awful person, I couldn't even find one! (Michael******)

Eating string cheese is like eating shredded paper napkins. Dry and tasteless (Cmpate*****)

Ur stupid that was the most lowbrow tasteless thing I've seen (Shiniga*******)

Sigh. becauae of Total Defence Day. there will only be plain tasteless food in the canteen today. (Haqim*****)

Tasteless attention iswhat this world has been withered 2. luckily a plane only needs a cuple propellers. we CAN make a difference (BURN***)

Ha. Sounds like joburg": Far to many tasteless tattoos, billabong boardshorts & flip flops. Welcome to Perth domestic departures. (Samanth*******)

Bogan swarm!! Far to many tasteless tattoos, billabong boardshorts & flip flops. Welcome to Perth domestic departures. Enjoy your flight. (Cyallv*****)

After ten minutes of valiant battle with a kevlar-jacketed bastard of an orange, i bite down to find it dry and tasteless. (Design******)

I preferred Michael Danby when he was a faceless, voiceless, tasteless, colourless and odourless man. (ABCnews******)

New job's web filter blocks SomethingAwful and tags it as "Tasteless". How rude! (Geo***)

With Thomas Kincade's death, all tasteless people in America are sitting on million dollar art fortunes. (AmS**)

Always have a unique character like "SALT." It's presence is not felt but it's absence makes things "TASTELESS. (Mask****)

You'd understand if you knew how nice the grapes from are Luke! The others appeared to be tasteless. (OliverBl*******)

Does it have anything in the way of proper ingredients or is it ginsters tasteless muck? (Daniel******)

Lemme put it this way, I personally think it's a little tacky and tasteless, but I'm not going to condemn them for doing it. (Onslau******)

Never eating at frankie and benny's EVER again, its absolutley disgusting, tasteless and way over-priced! (Zoe_co******)

DearDiet. things just arent going to work betwn us. Its not me. its you. Youre tasteless. boring&I cant stop cheating on you.-_-LOL (Annt****)

Just saw the new American Pie movie. Cheap, crass, tasteless, but oh-so steeped in nostalgia! Like being 16 again!! Sigh. (Peanut******)

Agree. I am looking for a way to prevent this thing from being translated. We love those kind of tasteless catchy headlines too much. (Dro***)

I applaud TIME magazine for the courage to put a boob on the cover but referring to breast feeding as a Happy Meal was rather tasteless. (Hea**)

What she said or more how she said it was very low brow and tasteless but the fear of all us lgbt Americans is very real. (Bumblebe*******)

Duke of York. Haven't been going as often since they switched the garden patty on their veg burger for a tasteless soy one. (Valst*****)

Ah, debbie nearly had that.. shoulda stuck to our guns hehe. the pop corn was tasteless! x (Mandy****)

I can't understand how people can happily eat bland, tasteless food, I seriously feel for your tastebuds. (Theorigi*******)

Isolated British light house keepers used to eat candles which were made out of tasteless animal fat. (Tweets*****)

Fckn sick ass disgusting ass lame ass tasteless ass Pizza for lunch.. :/ but the rest of you have a good day (: lol (Jacks*****)

I just though quoting someone who is obv never tasteless there was appropriate LOL. I'm still staying that way, need in return (GACKTb******)

The chicken curry with rice and naan bread provided at work today was just awful. Rice not cooked, naan like leather and sauce tasteless :| (AjikeS******)

Yeah, kind of tasteless. When Klinsman was coaching Bayern the players did their own thing. Fickle group (Pros****)

Pasta is one of those foods which by itself is bland and tasteless however with a little bit of sauce is probably one of my favourite dishes (JAbbottO*******)

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