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Kipling - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

Rudyard Kipling (978041515909) photoRudyard Kipling (978041515909)
CAD 799.5 (CAD791.51 - 759.53 after rebate)
Kipling In India: India In Kipling (978036753046) photoKipling In India: India In Kipling (978036753046)
CAD 223.5 (CAD221.27 - 212.33 after rebate)
Being Kipling (978023060911) photoBeing Kipling (978023060911)
CAD 156.5 (CAD154.94 - 148.68 after rebate)
Hotel Kipling (114307) photoHotel Kipling (114307)
$ 147.91 ($147.91 - 144.95 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978019254201) photoRudyard Kipling (978019254201)
CAD 84.0 (CAD83.16 - 79.80 after rebate)
Kipling & Conrad (978067442862) photoKipling & Conrad (978067442862)
CAD 72.0 (CAD71.28 - 68.40 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978041584553) photoRudyard Kipling (978041584553)
CAD76.5CAD 68.63 (CAD67.94 - 65.20 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978147088963) photoRudyard Kipling (978147088963)
CAD 58.5 (CAD57.92 - 55.58 after rebate)
Kipling (978287706729) photoKipling (978287706729)
CAD 39.95 (CAD39.55 - 37.95 after rebate)
Kipling (9781108072229N 9781108072229) photoKipling (9781108072229N 9781108072229)
$ 39.76 ($38.77 - 38.37 after rebate)
Kipling (9781108072229R 9781108072229) photoKipling (9781108072229R 9781108072229)
$ 38.0 ($37.05 - 36.67 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978111758498) photoRudyard Kipling (978111758498)
CAD 37.95 (CAD37.57 - 36.05 after rebate)
Kipling & Trix (978190658234) photoKipling & Trix (978190658234)
CAD 34.5 (CAD34.16 - 32.78 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978074630827) photoRudyard Kipling (978074630827)
CAD 32.95 (CAD32.62 - 31.30 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978101020043) photoRudyard Kipling (978101020043)
CAD 31.95 (CAD31.63 - 30.35 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978135503530) photoRudyard Kipling (978135503530)
CAD 29.95 (CAD29.65 - 28.45 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978135702307) photoRudyard Kipling (978135702307)
CAD 29.95 (CAD29.65 - 28.45 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978147460298) photoRudyard Kipling (978147460298)
CAD 26.99 (CAD26.72 - 25.64 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978114174371) photoRudyard Kipling (978114174371)
CAD 26.95 (CAD26.68 - 25.60 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978111758499) photoRudyard Kipling (978111758499)
CAD25.95CAD 25.85 (CAD25.59 - 24.56 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978117230367) photoRudyard Kipling (978117230367)
CAD 23.99 (CAD23.75 - 22.79 after rebate)
Kipling File (978067009104) photoKipling File (978067009104)
CAD 22.95 (CAD22.72 - 21.80 after rebate)
Kipling (978274275201) photoKipling (978274275201)
CAD 21.95 (CAD21.73 - 20.85 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978101020042) photoRudyard Kipling (978101020042)
CAD 19.39 (CAD19.20 - 18.42 after rebate)
Kipling: Poems (978030726711) photoKipling: Poems (978030726711)
CAD 17.95 (CAD17.77 - 17.05 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (978014058028) photoRudyard Kipling (978014058028)
CAD 14.99 (CAD14.84 - 14.24 after rebate)
Kipling's Choice (Adult) photoKipling's Choice (Adult)
$ 9.99 ($9.74 after rebate)
Kipling (9781908323064) photoKipling (9781908323064)
$ 5.32 ($5.19 after rebate)
Rudyard Kipling (2129903) photoRudyard Kipling (2129903)
£ 3.99 (£3.69 after rebate)
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60 External Comments

Mine's like Mrs Kipling. She makes exceedingly good cakes. But to white goods, she's 'The Terminator'. (Greenlan*******)

Batemans is so lovely! (batemans=rudyard kipling's house) finally gonna rent my boy jack from lovefilm.. they had lil figurines of mowgli! (Ellyb*****)

Take my word for it, the silliest woman can manage a clever man, but it needs a very clever woman to manage a fool. -- Kipling (Webge*****)

I suggest Kipling adds a line to "If": "If you can keep your head when the credit card company is being a dick. you'll be a man, my son!" (Holly*****)

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it." - Rudyard Kipling (Cameron******)

More men are killed by overwork than the importance of this world justifies. ~Rudyard Kipling (Mypetwh*******)

Congratulations. You are now the lucky owner of a quality Kipling Article. Treat it kindly and it will give you many years of faithful service (Tess****)

The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it. ~Rudyard Kipling (Mypetwh*******)

Dear old couple just in selling books (Heyer, Buchan, Kipling etc.) She was senile; he was quite with it but tottering around unsteadily. (Edinbur*******)

KIM by Rudyard Kipling is my fridayreads. I'm embarrassed to say I've never read this before. (Benjam*****)

Everything is going wrong! I shall try to remember the words of Kipling "If you can keep your head when all about are losing theirs." (Cott****)

Its endgame in Af that shaping them =/ corbett kipling jataka sub ke sub apply karneka =/ (Orm***)

Jack Howe plays live, tonight from 8pm! And next Friday our St George's Day shake-down, with The Kipling Conspiracy! (Twiste*****)

Buy a pup and your money will buy love unflinching. Rudyard Kipling (Dan__*****)

Hmm what would happen if Aunt Bessie, Mr Kipling and the KFC guy all had a baby?, they would create some kind of cake and chicken hybrid! (Gossi****)

Bu-but Mr and Mrs Kipling don't have sex! They rub their noses together and spread fairy dust and make cakes. Right? Right? (Saz2****)

Thai green curry just wasn't the same without Kipling last night (Realale*******)

Just had a little taste of Kipling before it goes into some mini-casks. Now that's a brewer's breakfast! (Thornbr*******)

I do not love grown women that have small fluffy animals attached to their handbags. even Kipling bags. It's wrong. (Glitte*****)

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting as Kipling wrote. Hang in there! (Cott****)

A new alternative to Kipling's definition of the minute i presume :P (Kiranka******)

Lynnette & ryegirl in the derby cocktail comp = cobra vs mongoose. "that is kipling, son!" (NYCB***)

Who wrote the 'just so stories for children'? (a) john ruskin (b) rudyard kipling (c) jean-paul sartre (d) george gordon byron (AmusoTri*******)

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. - Rudyard Kipling (Khaotic******)

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Rudyard Kipling (Acresof*******)

Hwy-409 - westbound between belfield rd/kipling ave and attwell dr - two lanes closed (TRAFFIC_*******)

Bedtime stories with my daughter: iPhone + Stanza + Project Gutenberg = free easy access to Kipling's Jungle Book. Lovely. (Gul***)

I love ca ca cake kk? i'm engaged. to who mr kipling? haha are you awake stinky :d x (Georgi*****)

Food glorious food I LOVE the cake can I marry Mr Kipling leatherface? Can a have an Ed Hardy phone for christmass too? ;) haha (Daviemo******)

I think I'll play with your hair and read Kipling to you til you fall asleep :) Sound good? xx (Ellectr******)

Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made By singing: -- "Oh, how beautiful!" and sitting in the shade: Kipling (Lucylu******)

Just heard Mayor Miller over a stn announcement at Kipling- asked me to contact provincial gov't and ask them for ttc funding. hmm. (M_pa****)

Today I got to look at unseen letters by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling and GK Chesterton. My unpaid job is sometimes amazing. (Napalm******)

People ask me which London luxe hotel I love. It's got to be . Quirk, rambling halls, Kipling & King & Twain. Can I go now? (Bast****)

Hopefully be sampling some of 's bottled Kipling & Jaipur with curry towards end of week (Tania_******)

Thornbridge beers also at Beer-Ritz in Leeds! Currently Halcyon & St P in 50cl, Jaipur & Kipling in 33. (BeerRit******)

Can't wait for our 'Alice' shoot! Beautiful Natasha Kipling will be modelling amoungst tea cups. vintage clocks. and balloons in every colour (Vi_No*****)

Found a new backpack! Don't know when I'm buying it, but it's a yellow Kipling backpack. This pleases me greatly. (Thesydn*******)

I've never been been happier to see my red Kipling luggage!! AC here we come!! ;) (DdubsCH*******)

Yeeap! But she got 3 adi, all last damn long wan ^^ U know the korean girl also got Kipling backpack? The short one with glasses? (Zij***)

Leather or Kipling luggage? 1005 you have reached your maximum limit of possible api requests with this IP address. Please wait 24 hours. (Delsey******)

Tumi, Samsonite. Mandarina Duck. Kipling all on sale at Harrods and other stores (Caselu*****)

Odd dyn drwg yn dod i bigo plant drygionys rownd Bont fyd. Mr Kipling. o ni arfer cachu brics!(ath e mlan i neud gwd cacs yn ol y son) (Bif**)

Present list: James Morrison tickets, iTunes voucher, Kipling handbag :-), Next voucher, Chanel Chance perfume, handbag & purse & cash! :-D (Angieja******)

Wanna recognize me at dbl arena? Find a girl wearing black t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes and red kipling backpack :D (Sasa****)

I hear Mr Kipling is branching out into DIY. He does make exceedingly good rakes (Officia*******)

I got a Kipling backpack for school! Now I'm excited for school :) hahaha I miss my friends. (ImmaMexB*******)

My Kipling backpack will never be mistaken for anyone else's. Why? Because I have a Paul Frank keychain on mine! I'm so original. (Thesydn*******)

Finished edit, sent invoice, and immediately spent money on Kipling backpack. Bugger. (Midlan******)

Empowered now 29th among Kindle free books. Between Jungle Book (Kipling) & Count of Monte Cristo (Dumas). Creeping up on "The Art of War" (Jber****)

An as i lay dying sweater, a kipling backpack, and long dirty blonde hair.. Uh yea (Alecfl******)

What's the diffrence between a kipling backpack verses an ordenary one? (Bigpaw******)

Mum bought a Kipling backpack. She had the urge to buy another. Grabe. Unsa nalang kaha sa Manila. (Cepha****)

Think I'm gonna order a Kipling backpack because my Jansport needs to rest in peace (Capt****)

I LOVE Kipling backpacks. very durable, can take getting wet w/o getting the contents wet; kipling-usa. com (Miz***)

I need a new bag, I wish I could get a Peter Pilotto for Kipling backpack, it's sold out. (Annaoft******)

Still want my peter pilotto x kipling backpack. daddy said ladies nowadays should carry backpacks. :B (Vt**)

Milkshake bar in Whitby makes Kipling Cherry Bakewell shakes. Put weight on just thinking about buying one. (Zerobel*******)

Omg this girl is wearing the same juicy jacket as me AND the same kipling backpack as me! How embarrassinng! Hahaha (Whatitd******)

Sobs this pretty kipling backpack w designs is 200 bucks! D: when are you having warehouse sale again ah kipling (_min****)

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