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Hughes Kettner - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

Hughes & Kettner Bassbase400 Bass Amp Head (115382499) photoHughes & Kettner Bassbase400 Bass Amp Head (115382499)
$499.99$ 399.99 ($393.99 - 389.99 after rebate)
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23 External Comments

If anyone is looking to buy a Marshall amp, hit me up-I may have what you're looking for & at a great price. Also selling Hughes/Kettner SB (Racer*****)

Search 'Hughes & Kettner Warp X' in eBay and buy my amp! Thanks in advance. (TYSE***)

Wts]: amply gitar hughes&kettner triplex (50w, 12" celestion, 3 channel, delay/reverb/chorus, fx loop, made in germany) (Mr_j***)

Seems pretty cool. I'm actually thinking about investing on a Hughes&Kettner or a Line 6 Valve head. Tried any of em ? (Anes****)

New album news from ace Hughes&Kettner artist "due out in early June. 12 tracks. Being mixed now by amazing Ulrich Wild." (Headline*******)

I would like to show you mine too! tuned hughes kettner tritone. but i think there is no opportunity :-) myspace. com/rock-animals (Sven****)

Hughes&kettner duo tone combo :D she sounds pretty!! Most crisp clean tone in the world!! (JP_S***)

Hughes&Kettner artist to release solo album June 21 on Vai's Favored Nations label. Recorded with TriAmp and Coreblade amps (Headline*******)

What on earth are those hughes&kettner contraptions that alex lifeson is standing in front of? (Hk**)

What if soldano. mesa boogie. engl. diezel. carvin. egnater. krank. hughes & kettner and bogner in one room what would you do?? :d (Ndang****)

Time, I think, to get out the Ibanez Artist 205 crank up the Hughes & Kettner and annoy the hell out of the neighbours (Moysten******)

List of amps that I seriously consider buying with Hughes&Kettner and Blackstar whereas it was just a bass guitar amplifier before! (Wurru*****)

I have a Hughes&Kettner, Mesa Mk I, and a 5watt pnt-to-pnt hand built amp (with two 6L6's). I've promised myself no more (Ohpau****)

Only one name: hughes&kettner trilogy! I've never sounded so sweet and beautiful in the last 15 years. Simply outstanding. (Jimmy*****)

Still cant make my mind up between: Orange Th30, Hughes&Kettner Tubemeister 36 or Laboga The Beast 30 plus. What would you go for?? (Paul_****)

Cool/Thanks! First time I saw the Stomp Apple monitor in your rack, I thought it was some kind of new Hughes/Kettner! (LedBel******)

Oh. God damn it!! XD The best one for me is Mesa boogie. but Marshall and Line6. Hughes&kettner are also nice. (Ryofuj*****)

So hey fellow musicians I'm selling some gear! three guitars, esp, ibanez acoustic, epi hollow, a hughes&kettner head/peavey head/bugera cab (KingSpo******)

No pedals. Selling a POD HD desktop + pedalboard, Hughes&Kettner Switchblade and other stuff I'm not using much. (RickGrah*******)

Nowplaying fender -- moogerfooger+line6 dl4 -- hughes & kettner statesman dual 6L6 (Mertg****)

Anyone want to buy an XBOX360 slim with extras and kinect, an Ibanez electric guitar, a Hughes & Kettner guitar amp or a bunch of BluRays?? (Pdinc****)

Tommy Thayer will be signing posters at the Hughes Kettner booth 65 at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA on January 26th at 2 pm. (Naok***)

I just bought a second-hand hughes&kettner preamp. omg, the sound quality is just amazing. byebye my sh*tty alesis preamp :d (Michael******)

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