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Cufflink - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

60 External Comments

My Grandfather has a custom Loewe case made in 1967 for his cufflink collection, exquisite craftsmanship! (Sprinkle*******)

KB has more strength in his left cufflink than Norris does in both his legs. (Camro*****)

According to your lack of cufflink wearing means that means you'll never be a big cheese in the SBC! (Greg_th*******)

My cufflink broke - which is bad :( My ipad (courtesy of ) arrived - which is good :) overall I'd say i'm still in the plus (Geck***)

Late decision on the shirt front. Accidentally brought cufflinks to work. Now busting a button/cufflink double. Sleeves totally locked down. (MattJ****)

Just my daily french cuff and cufflink wearing photolog :-) but more than willing to showcase stuff! (Frenchc*******)

The other sleeve's cufflink is a Decepticon. Hedging my bets on good v evil. (Muz***)

So peep this: silver suit with white bowtie, with white shoes, pink shirt, white Gshock with cufflink and pink ed hardy belt! What u think? (ILIVEfor*******)

Does anyone know where I can get 2 cufflink swivels? I want to try making a pair of cufflinks (Knit****)

What would be an alternative non cufflink word to portray fixing a problem, if not solution? (Fulcr*****)

Nope purple stripe. gonna take that guy's advice, save the flower shirt for Friday! :} they ARE cufflink shirts, lucky I got freebie (Moto****)

Gresham Blake, Brighton do an excellent chunky cufflink if you don't want to look too wedded to the Frog. Tattoo too? (Thesimo******)

Wearing my Fathers Day tie cufflink combo. 3 cases in Wolverhampton today, so let's hope the Judges like them too. (Earf****)

I need more excuses to cufflink up. maybe when I come round for laundry ;) (Rasha****)

Panics on - design a cufflink with cuff. 'Daddy, what do you do for a living?' ..1m tall. (MikeBel*******)

Whoa - just got attacked by skinny jeans, black rimmed glasses and plaid shirts - can some1 point me to the cufflink section (Saymyna*******)

A cufflink that transforms into a 50ft robot what an age we live in (Hayde*****)

Choose from a wide range of father's day gifts like necktie, leather bag, cufflink etc from craft house & make him feel like a style icon. (Hotel****)

One eye on my vacation in a few weeks. Just found red dot from a marker pen beside my cufflink, not happy (Blade*****)

Tonight! We celebrate the Showcase of HBCU w/Sapphire's and Cufflink's Gala, all proceeds benefits the Showcase (Showcas*******)

A cufflink is a decorative fastener worn by men or women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt or blouse. (Mund****)

Thought we were aiming at a cufflink via a Vimto bottle? -=facepalm=- : There goes the initiation (CivilL*****)

If you're going to wear them, you should know they're not "cufflings." Cufflink. (Tashsp******)

Anyone know where to get cufflink backs (swivel type) in Brisbane QLD? 2 pairs only, not wholesale quant. Myer Ctr bead shop no good. (Aunti*****)

I also ordered more cufflink backings for the button cuff link sets. (Mitte*****)

Roger's disappeared. I think he spontaneously combusted and all that's left is a few white hairs and a cufflink. (Lisam****)

Rubber band is my cufflink now. Tireed. Waiting for my sis to bring my bagel and cafesito. Might gonna perhaps fall over from el the sueno. oo (Andreols*******)

I dont want the money they were cufflink backs and he is my main supplier usually no problem. we will see how it pans out. (Paulc****)

When I saw the cufflink for double happiness, I thought it was only one because of the kanji but they're separate. (Sparklin*******)

Thanks everyone for sending in their cufflink images! So many great ones!! (LupR****)

My Blackberry doesn't have cufflink in its dictionary?! What an oaf. (JontyFul*******)

Casting silver acorns today, 4 whole acorns as pendants, 3 halfs cufflink/tie pin set, went well, very happy. (Jameshyd*******)

Got my new shirts from the tailor. forgot that I got frenched cuffs on a couple. time to got cufflink shopping (Dbel****)

Choosing cufflinks for JM's birthday. Need help please. He's more a silver cufflink kinda guy, isn't he? (Imweb****)

Whereas ~I~ wonder why on earth we still need cufflink vendors. Or cufflinks, for that matter. (Crystal******)

Im a cufflink man - got loads of quirky cufflinks. And ties, if that counts (Benjami*******)

Sorry about painful day. Was it cheered up by random Accutron cufflink purchase? (Noodl*****)

He don't use cufflink, perfum also have, watch also. haha sian la! (Jing***)

Why do I think Clint planted Todd's cufflink at that motel? Probably because he did. (GAga***)

Wow john, a cufflink with TM makes u think murdered eddie? Todd is the ONLY man in llanview w/ those initials!? (GoChri*****)

Bonus! Just found a cufflink in my bag that I thought I lost over a year ago. (Rosscl******)

Nice (both items) need some cufflink help from you. know a place i could get guitar ones? (Annelise*******)

Umm. the forensics geek in me wants to know if John has the cufflink on him right now. Anybody know? (Rainbow******)

How is life after losing a cufflink? I apologise for every word that came out of my mouth last night. (Farmfe******)

Will do! Emporio Armani watch+cufflink set looks very nice too! (Minnie*****)

LOL. John found a cufflink at the scene w/initials TM so that means Todd did it smh (TnTF****)

Is the river and flow of a tux pant the most important aspect or is it the way your jacket slv hits your cufflink? (Sexysui*******)

HL on his GG NOM: "I am thrilled and honoured. I am now going to turn the house upside down looking for that other cufflink." (HOUSEDA*******)

When I grow up I'm going to be the cufflink'less lawyer. The girls will swoon, they will swoon. (Bennet******)

You gettin mad huh? Dats yo man/boo/cufflink/part-time night thang ain't it (MR_Alway*******)

HughLaurie on GG nomination: "I am thrilled and honoured. I am now going to turn the house upside down looking for that other cufflink." (Josian******)

GG noms, Hugh Laurie of 'House': "I am thrilled and honoured. I am now going to turn the house upside down looking for that other cufflink." (Cupe***)

Hugh Laurie on his HOUSE Globe nom: "I am thrilled & honored. Now going to turn the house upside down looking for that other cufflink." (TVTa***)

Hugh Laurie, best TV actor, drama (House): "I am now going to turn the house upside down looking for that other cufflink" (CNNsh*****)

Ok where is the other cufflink of this set, I have a wedding to get dressed for!! (Stephen******)

It releases a whirring squeal, descending into a low and expectant humming under my watchful gaze as I unbutton my cufflink.* (YouPubli*******)

I'm sure does not enjoy waking up with cufflink impressions on her face. (Benc****)

You'll have to get a rebel army tie, cufflink et all so we can distinguish ourselves. (Trav***)

OLTL John tells Todd he found a cufflink with the letters "TM" in the motel room. (Abcsoaps*******)

So hm if she got this army suit jacket on wit her clergy. im sho gettin my cufflink clergy shirt. (IRocPoin*******)

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