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Cotto - USA

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60 External Comments

Wo just bought tickets for june 5th cotto fight at yankee stadium! with (Mann****)

Sounds like y'all had a lot of fun. too bad you don't have a cotto figure to keep the shogun/torres figures LOL (Figgy****)

Cotto is overrated, they robbed my homie clottey & pac-man destroyed him. (Freecit******)

Cotto conquers Foreman with a left hook to what Oscar De La Hoya calls the "lever" (MorganPC*******)

Lunch spinach with parmesan asiago balsamic vinegrette, tuscan herb bagel with evoo and black pepper, two slices of cotto salami omnomnom! (Hexee****)

So what's the deal with Berto vs. Cotto rumors? Hear say is that you'd go to 154, but you also contemplated going down to 140? (OnTheRop*******)

Of course rather see Pac v Floyd, even Cotto II. Still pumped to see him go for 8th belt in as many divisions AND give that cheater the biz. (NoelynO******)

Steve. What do you think is the main reason of this HBO divorce? That they didn't want the Cotto fight? (Sergi*****)

Aren't they both title fight? Martinez fight for WBC 'Diamond" belt and Cotto - Mayorga for WBA belt? (PeterC******)

Yuri Foreman may fight orthodox but his knee is reformed. Catch his comeback fight on the Cotto-Mayorga PPV on March 12 from the MGM Grand (TooF***)

Martinez won't be an HBO PPV unless it's against someone who can sell PPV like a Cotto, and Martinez won't be fighting Cotto. (BangBang*******)

Cmon Miguel Angel Cotto !! Let's go ready to rumble ! Quien es el mas Macho! jajaja watching the fights boxing ready ! beer ready! (Jose***)

Floyd mayweather jr vs miguel cotto tune up fight be for pac man wot do you guys think ? (Byrnerp******)

Watchin this Cotto-Mayorga fight from a couple wks ago on HBO. they waring in the early rounds (King_m******)

Bullets beat you ass up like Miguel Cotto, I'm the real Zoro, Rest In Pecae Toro, and when I die bury me in all Polo! (ThatKID*******)

Watching this Cotto fight. Almost forgot how fast is his hand speed BUT then again Pac-man washed him & he's faster than him. (Kenso*****)

Panini: roasted chicken, prosciutto cotto or portobello mushroom served with marinated olives & pickled cauliflower. Issued 07/29 05:14 (Momabak*******)

I watched that Pac Man vs Cotto fight again last night. Mayweather wants no parts dog lol (JaeMu****)

Agreed.. Have u seen cotto wbb world title luks more like a wrestling belt (KOPITES******)

Cotto was very technical and that is what led him to that win. Cotto vs Margarito 3?? (SLINGOis*******)

Great night of fights Boxing : Cotto vs. Margarito and : Ultimate Fighter Final with Bisbing VS Miller (Aaron*****)

Marquez vs Margarito Cotto vs Berto. Ortiz pcman vs may would we ever see those fights boxing (Jdab****)

Where do I find your rebate form for Cotto vs Margarito 2, its not on your facebook page do you have a link for the Pdf? (NotS****)

How's does that go Rafael? Arum is the greedy pig & Floyd is the hero. FMJ dont even have balls 2 fyt Cotto. (Jacu****)

Looking forward to your May 5th fight with Cotto! Weird question - what type of speed rope do you use during training? (Psu***)

Everybody thought Mayweather was gonna fight Pacquiao on May 5 his real opponent is Miguel Cotto.! Mayweather is too scared to face Pacquiao (Nenise*****)

Yo are you gonna to fight Miguel Cotto or Manny Pacquiao on may 5 2012 (Ryanbr*****)

I'm landing in Sydney on May 6th, where can we watch the Mayweather Cotto Fight? (Drunkinp*******)

May 5. what a day. cup final. huck v afolabi, stieglitz v groves, pzf, mccloskey v chop-chop and fmj v cotto! oh yes. (Shaun_*****)

Mayweather said , "i'm fighting cotto on may 5th because mrs pac man ducked me " (AyeeYoG******)

I just finished watching da 1st episode of hbo's 24/7 vs Cotto, I can't wait till may 5th, floyd's gona win again lol (Drayava*******)

Cotto is sexier , But I'm with Money Mayweather all day. He is gunna kill poor Cotto (SiscoD*****)

I can't wait to see the Mayweather and Cotto fight. Money Mayweather gone knock his ass out bwehh! Best believe that! (SkippD*****)

Floyd Money MayWeather is about to get the hands tomorrow from Miguel Cotto (JJN***)

U said u wish there was a boxing match this weekend. I think Money mayweather is fighting Cotto Saturday night. (Clemen******)

Cnt wait till the 76ers game 2 morrow and money mayweather whoop cotto ass on saturday sheesh this is gunna b a great weekend! (DatNi*****)

May 5th. Mayweather vs Cotto. It's only right to go with " Money Mayweather " 42-0, doubt he taking a L. (BenFran******)

Cotto walked up on fmj like the man! he's ready! fmj needed that gum for distraction. team cotto! gawd i can't wait! (Allabou*******)

Thank god joe cortez isn't refereeing mayweather vs cotto, the guy has to be controversial in most bouts, loves fmj (Mcnam*****)

FMJ's response to Cotto's training having a doctorate was priceless "when i chop his ass up he can sew it back up". Quality. (Robert_*******)

I gotta admit cotto does look great, FMJ to win in 10-12 rounds 11/2! VALUE floyd looks th best I seen him bar 1 poss (Boyc****)

Only thing is, Cotto has no wind smh he's tired AF & keeps holding! Naw, rag tag dat Ass and recouperate later.. (LastTrai*******)

WWE star/executive Triple H walked Floyd Mayweather to the ring ahead of his boxing victory against Miguel Cotto (UnderGr*******)

Yea gr8 fight. Cotto all heart. Floyd all class. I hope the Pac man fight does happen. Don't know why USA dislike Floyd so much (Ejkea*****)

Dang the fight was good I was going for cotto but its wat evs :) my sexy man Alvarez was good though (Nikky*****)

My scorecard was 7-5 for FMJ & you can argue one of those rounds that I gave Cotto in favor of Mayweather. Regardless it was a Great Fight! (GoDo***)

RealSkipBayless stephenasmith: Please stop, Mr. Bayless. Cotto fought well, no doubt. FMJ fought a g (Shadler******)

I enjoyed the Mayweather v Cotto fight, still think FMJ beats Pacman all day long. (Thelonio*******)

No way manny will lose to mayweather. manny is stronger and more skilled than cotto n look what he did to fmj (Faithen*******)

Exactly! I think COTTO is the first guy for quite a while now who made a competitive fight against FMJ! (Zscofi*****)

Please kill on Monday explain to him that FMJ went up and weight and still made Cotto look like a kid (BrettP******)

There isn't a damn thing to debate about the Mayweather/Cotto fight. FMJ won going away. (JRudolp*******)

Pacman fought cotto at 145, cotto at 154 is a diff man! Give the man his due skip!! Fmj is P4P the best boxer alive!! (Baller******)

Has the fight tonight mayweather vs. cotto live on 10 hd tv's come kick it with me!! 6510 tara blvd (Courtn*****)

Tonight has the mayweather vs. cotto fight live on 10 hd tv's come kick it with me your first drink is free!! 6510 tara blvd (Courtn*****)

Tonight has the mayweather vs. cotto live on 10 hd tv's come kick it with me your first drink is free!! 6510 tara blvd (Courtn*****)

Southside tonight has the mayweather vs. cotto live on 10 hd tv's come kick it with me your first drink is free!! 6510 tara blvd (Courtn*****)

Floyd could use some plaster of paris in his gloves right now. Getting beat by Miguel Cotto after 7 rounds mayweathercotto (Thomlo*****)

I honestly feel this is Cotto's first true lost. No catchweights. no draining. no led gloves. Just lost to the better guy. (Melf****)

All roads are leading to nj migente cotto vs mayweather 2nite hd projectors 200 outwater ln carltsdat nj let's go! say ron-g (Say_****)

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