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Chain - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

14mm Metal Chains (trims) photo14mm Metal Chains (trims)
$ 6.98 ($6.81 after rebate)
7mm Metal Chains (trims) photo7mm Metal Chains (trims)
$ 4.59 ($4.48 after rebate)

60 External Comments

Oil changed, air filter clean, chain lubed, rear tire flipped, carb adjusted. I'm ready for the this weekends NMDRC race, Corralitos! (Lucky*****)

We have: Web designers, supply chain managers, medical secretaries, air traffic controllers, accounting, graduates etc. etc. etc (E_p**)

Whoever is walking down my street right now, stop the chain smoking. You sound like a 2-pack a day mule. (Adawn****)

The kids yelled, "Kids versus adults!" as Girly Girl snuck away with the other Vulcan, a battery operated, chain fed, automatic Nerf gun. (MissAmb*******)

Spotlight, portable piano, odometer, ball bearings, rotating motion, continuous motion, flying wheels, the chain, electric hammer. (Dani_c*****)

I put strings on things and call them necklaces- keys, pocket knife, bicycle chain, dog collar. It's all good. (Theoneca*******)

Gucci shoes w/ the shirt cost 860 plus! The shoes is a plus chain on froze gold grill in my mouth look like I ate a pot of gold! (B_gl****)

Any detroit jewlers out there that can turn my brass knuckles into a Pendant for my chain? (Pat***)

A key chain thing that has brass knuckles, yez :) and I found a backpack for my camera :DD (Tayloram*******)

I'm wearing my uber bff necklace today. I've got charms with my favorite little cousin and my 2 bffs all on the same chain (: (Alli1****)

A hanging lamp suspended by a silver chain. If only one link snaps, this light and beauty will perish, suggesting how fragile life is. (Sensible*******)

Looking at Etsy jewelry supplies. Bronze ball chain or cable type chain. So much to choose from I am so confused. (OhMyAmp******)

Getn my jewelry game up. White gold/ .5K Black Diamond earings(check). 3 row Black Diamond chain (check).. Watch and bracelet coming soon. (JOTheSon*******)

Just cashed in on some half white diamond half black diamond earing for 300. Was gon get the matching chain but it cost to damn much. Lol (JOTheSon*******)

Dog. i can't decide which chain i wanna get first. the chief or the black diamond or the black heart attack one.. (SCN**)

Yay my sissy showed up with souvenirs from the Betty page store if u know me u know I live for pin ups love my shirt and key chain (MsLex*****)

Q: What is the difference between a banjo and a chain saw. A: A chain saw has a dynamic range. (Mymobile*******)

You said you got that chain from where? Cause I saw that same exact one at Sallys Beauty Supply Store! Lol (H8tedan******)

Dearfuturewife c u in 10 yrs. I'll be the guy at b&n reading investment books with the breitling watch and bentley key chain. (EntryLev*******)

Omg sharks are nasty :( lol why do we even need em nut asif we eat em in our food chain.. Well not great whites anyway!! (Chelseam*******)

I'm trying to remember the name of a home decor store in strasbourg to find out if it's a chain & i can't . it's driving me crazy (Levans*****)

I'm waiting for my Bumblebee key chain to show up. Erin's waiting for her pillow pet. Why are pillow pets *all the rage* now? (Whovi****)

Jesus be some holy water and a diamond encrusted cross pendant with chain cuz he fetch lol (Ataste******)

Iheard Young Berg Chain was in the suit case in the Royal Rumble Ladder Match! (IMick*****)

I have a miniature ouija board on my key chain and it glows In the dark. (Theoma*****)

Rose gold chain holdin down my piece, im holdin down the streets! (NPi***)

I treat them all the same even the bad ones gold magnum rose gold chain (DeadPres*******)

Watched about 5 hours of The Sopranos today then I put on an Italian White Gold chain and a track jacket and went to the pub, no joke (Iamba*****)

Custom made white gold chain w/sapphires and diamonds :) Happy me. :) (Reint*****)

After winter break i stepped it up n got me a a long white gold chain wit some iversons and i got my ears pierced (ChadLa*****)

I'm gonna get my first ever white gold chain for my 18th birthday! (WEARTHIS*******)

This is how I'm doing it, I've got that white gold chain I might put a lil blue in it, put a lil red in it (CyZ***)

Is wondering why this chik has on pearl earrings and with a silver chain.. umm clearly we didnt have the same grandmother coming up. fash (DIVA****)

The Roomba has just discovered my daughter has been at my jewellery box again, it picked up my chain and sang an error message tune. (Ships*****)

New! catherine popesco 14k gold plated double chain cross pendant necklace with turquoise swarovski crystals save price with promotion to (Qianaid*******)

Immigration vs citizenship~ Maternity tourism (aka-anchor babies) & chain migration make a mockery of responsible government to its citizens (Caffin******)

Biked to work today for the 1st time since moving to winona. I'm as rusty on a cycle as my chain. W/ a little White Lightning and practice.. (Czw***)

Small but sparkling : j261685 - affinity diamond 1/4 ct tw cross pendant w/18" chain, sterling : this one is a beautiful cross. very tiny fo (QVC5Sta******)

Finally found my silver chain with cross pendant.. at the bottom of the laundry machine after a load of laundry! it survived! washed! clean! (Ministe*******)

Diamond Cross Pendant in Stainless Steel with Black Enamel Inlay and .02ct Genuine Diamond including 24" Stainless Steel Curb Chain to B (Bridgett*******)

Stainless steel cross necklace black inlay cross pendant with ball chain necklace for men, boys, teens, unisex. black middle cross pendan (Qianaid*******)

Check out the metal cross pendant/key chain for 165 SB BraggableBargain (Born2BeAMom) (Born2****)

Beautiful stones : J263592 - Gemstone Sterling Cross Pendant with Chain, Boxed : I purchased this in purple and it is a beautful piece. (QVC5Sta******)

Just seen a dude with an iced out Jumpman chain and a skull and bones belt buckle. I laughed in his face (CL_Smo*****)

Tribal Fashion: Designer Inspired Surgical Stainless Steel Tribal Cross Pendant on a Stainless Steel Ball Chain for Men Save Price Shopp (Bridgett*******)

Got my gold watch & my gold chain. With my fancy car & my diamond ranng! (JSBn***)

My professor is an old pimp. He gt his suit on. gold watch n chain. N dis ole stanky ass cologne! (Angang******)

Lupequotes gold watch with my gold chain with my fancy broad and my diamond rang. yeah yeah they love it over here (So_C***)

Got my gold watch and my gold chain with my fancy car and my diamond ring. (Tago****)

LupeQuotes Got my gold watch & my gold chain & my fancy car & my diamond ring (Domino******)

Need advice for dinner with the family tomorrow in Ohio. Good midwest chain that I don't have in NYC? Leaning toward Texas Roadhouse!? (Rana***)

Yellow everything. yellow big booty. yellow-bones. yellow chain. yellow watch. yellow living room set. Lemonde Nike shoes from my girl (2twi****)

Man, John Woo movies really make me want to chain-smoke. In candlelit churches, filled with doves, while wearing a blood-stained suit. (Timma*****)

Demand Solutions presentation next Wed. in Toronto: Martin Birkenhauer, Chaim Silberstein about competitive advantage from supply chain. (Destin******)

On a stag do, all dressed as cavemen. Stag has a real ball and chain attached to his ankle - well funny! (Matt***)

Dear man w/rusty bk racing jacket & fake/sterling silver chain. i appreciate ur taste in music. mj is king of pop. but don't sing along! (Biancaj******)

So Penn State has an online masters program in supply chain mamnagement. I wanna do that. (Jwilliam*******)

Yes that IS a Boondock Saints Chain Wallet I'm drooling over in my Picture! (ZetoSun******)

The choices for prizes at the lazor tag place include hannah montana key chain, lighter or brass knuckles (Wills*****)

Anyone seen a set of keys with chevrolet key Pearl drum key leather key chain that says Guatemala and small pocket knife that says Andrew? (Andrey*****)

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