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60 External Comments

Bwoy dis breeze feeling like heaven right now. Note to Self: Get the cooling system ready, cuz summer is gonna be hot (Dapp****)

Palm Springs - 85, sunny with a breeze. Desert hike early in the morning. Glass of wine by the pool tonight. So deserve this. (LuLaw*****)

It's 35 degrees, 6 MPH breeze and no snow yet. but the charcoal grill is going. (Xygn***)

We're here! Where are you?? Come on over to 4705 Simon Rd.! The breeze on the porch is intoxicating!! (REwine*****)

My dearest San Diego, What I've missed most was your breeze infiltrated by ocean fragrance enveloping me. I must visit you soon (Meeli****)

Bahama breeze for dinner :) my sister has a crush on our waiter from this sunday (Mickeyd******)

Did Bahama Breeze yesterday, currently at Kobe's now and thinking about Seasons 52 tomorrow. Life is good! (S0_E***)

CLEARLY my mama is tryna put some mo' weight on me tryna go out to eat n ish; Bahama Breeze (MsJane*****)

I'm hungry but not n a cooking mood. meet me at bahama breeze shawty. my treat:-d (LoCo4D******)

Hittin up Bahama Breeze with my booskie. Lets see how this food taste (Renay*****)

Eating dinner at Bahama Breeze out on the patio with some great company. Not a bad way to end the night. (Jessic******)

Today is the perfect day for sitting outside on the patio at Bahama Breeze with my favorite ladies :) (Stephje******)

I'm excited about cof women's fellowship at bahama breeze this friday!! (Robbi****)

Finishing a great nite with dinner and drinks with my girls for Jess's bday!! Bahama Breeze in Cherry Hill has the best Sangria ever :) (Hotma****)

Time to get ready for dinner at bahama breeze whoo can't wait I'm starving (Lita_*****)

I'm out here at bahama breeze bout to eat dinner and get whole click wasted! (Mblak*****)

Working day = success, now its Bahama Breeze time w/ the fellow spokesmodels! :) I've missed being someone's "mini me". (Lalata******)

Just heard "Sweet Home Alabama" and it made me think about Bahama Breeze playing "Sweet Hometown Jamaica". (TashaNic*******)

So Bahama Breeze put Rum in my lemonade, hey, I'm not complaining or anything. (MilesSt*******)

ItsReallyAnnoying that NY doesnt have waffle house or steak and shake or cracker barrell or bahama breeze. if it did i would never move (Ima_Re*****)

Sitting outside on the sectional with drew enjoying the breeze while listening to a Carlos Santana record. What could be any better? :) Love (Stylin******)

That new Dj scooter laptop skin just let me breeze through security with my gigbag of what could look like a bomb building toolkit Score! (DJSCOO*****)

That ocean breeze laying on a hammock with an umbrella drink thing would be most excellent right now. (Mrsos*****)

Kinda wish we had a hammock. Beautiful day out. sunny and warm with a nice breeze and I feel a nap coming on! (KevinBra*******)

Hearing some thunder in the distance - sounds really cool. Nice breeze thru windows as well. (Jwsand*****)

A neighbor playing sweet piano, and the breeze charmong the wind chimes. What a melodious evening. (Ubui****)

Chimes: something to let stupid people know when there's a breeze. (Daffyn******)

We're at the airport and the nice woman next to us is using a Pantech Breeze! She loves it. :) (Pante*****)

While I love my natural herb teas.. THESE CRAMPS! are kickin my butt! Blue diamond almond breeze warm with a dash of cinnamon! ah (Anjoli*****)

With a gentle Sea-Breeze breathing life into all of us, The Sunshine & Blue Diamond Skies slowly make their way,. (CYBER*****)

Chilled Hostess Ho Hos and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. Yes, I am brand sensitive. (Cpmi***)

Almond company Blue Diamond is giving Silk Milk a run for their money with their Almond Breeze Milk, a non-dairy milk substitute. (Bran****)

Nothing better than a nap with the patio door open & a fresh breeze blowing in. And a dream of being on a tropical beach. :) (Alex_****)

Took charter yacht to Hamilton Is yesterday. Beautiful as usual - water a bit murky after the cyclone. Nice breeze now for sailing (Emot****)

Left campus, found a full moon, and the breeze is beautiful! :') Heading to 51 east. This dress hunt must end now! ._. (Meme****)

Paradise, Malawi, sun, blue sky, light breeze, green trees, yellow and orange blossoms, and thanks to broken email, time to glance & enjoy! (Malaw****)

Man its a aight night cool breeze blowin clear sky far as i can see kinda remind me of the night sky in Dubai thats the UAE for you dummies (LTeezyo*******)

We R still using our wood stove because it gets cold at night, right now it is 77 in the house, i opened some windows & the breeze is nice! (50cen*****)

Last night I recorded vocals for "Carry Me" outside, on the back porch of Doug's studio, with the breeze & occasional tree frog. Wow. (Slind****)

Then a splash of colour caught my eye, and I raise my head to look around me. A row of bright paper lamps danced in the spring breeze. LOCK (Mary_r******)

Riding my bike is a draft of a love letter. Flat landscape, warm breeze, bright sun, polite Midwest. God damn, Chicago. What a place. (Monic*****)

Great morning paddle, full sun and slight breeze. Come on Spring! (Supadd*****)

Stunning day outside. Got all the windows open, feelin' a lovely breeze & I'm enjoying the sound of. heavy construction equipment. (Bubaf****)

At the beach in New Smyrna. ten times better than Miami Beach. smooth sand, beautiful breeze, no salesmen, & my beautiful wife next to me! (ASpal****)

Windows open, breeze picking up. Using my external HD as a paperweight. (Cpel****)

Working from my Hawaii hotel room. Listening to the sounds of traffic and feeling that tropical breeze from my balcony. :) Can't complain! (Tweet2******)

Summer is great:)! a lot of sunshine, a little shade, a icy drink, a fresh breeze, a light, yummie snack, a cool, sexy summer dress, . (Rib**)

Let us install new vinyl replacement windows in your home and welcome in the fresh spring breeze! (Revelat*******)

Coathangers dangle from a brass floor lamp, a wind chime, a breeze so slight that chopper high over 280 might be the cause. - Carbon (Prof_C*****)

Nowplaying ~ pure breeze ~ keiki kobayashi ~ soul calibur i original soundtrack -legend of sounds- (disc i) (VGRa***)

Windows open, nice breeze blowing, and the Finches are back singing their lungs out! I missed the songbirds all winter long (Kkart*****)

Research is much more enjoyable with the window open and breeze blowing in, plus Atticus can have a make-shift cat door. (Grace_******)

A dog barks in the distance, a screen door slams, a baby cries while white lace curtains billow softly in the warm breeze. Welcome spring. (Orosen******)

Hattrickheaven. com Barcelona 4-1 Athletic Bilbao: Breeze for Barca (Hattric*******)

Praying to Saint Frigidaire to send me a cool breeze on this hotazz bus! (Kidg***)

Mosquito bites. Irritating. A furious cat cleaning herself on the top of my table. Electric fan breeze. (Nai**)

Pre] [x] [xhorror.09.02.02. bonus. interview. with. vampire. alesis. breeze. x. wmv-inya] (Pre_an******)

Sunny, 80 degrees, beautiful weather here in South Florida and in Caloosa we have a light ocean breeze.. ahh life in Florida. Come join us! (Caloosa******)

I have all the windows and the french doors open with the breeze passing through. It feels great! (Troubl*****)

Our french doors are open! Grab the seats near them for a view and a breeze. (Thesac******)

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