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I'm happy if Google wants to give me personalized advertising. If I have cancer, I'd much rather see chemo ads than breast enhancement ads. (Prezof*****)

Shayla hershey of houston texas underwent over 20 surgeries to have 48K breast. biggest breast ever. everything's bigger in Texas boo (Glamazon*******)

Just home from the Breast Care Nurses Conference in Sydney. A long drive, 12 hours in the Land Rover. Met some wonderful nurses there. (DebraLe*******)

Sound of screeching brakes]. sequins. breast implants. bending metal. DWTS is on and I can't look away. oh the humanity! (Soiled*****)

Spring cleaning? Send us your gently used handbags - we'll make sure they help local folks with breast cancer at This Old Bag:Outlet Sale! (Bcef_e*****)

Obamacare I'm shocked that all AG's suing but one are Republicans. In other news I don't think that Michael Steel was breast feed. (Jslar****)

This broad from Houston done made it to VH1 for having Triple K breast implants. Girl, getouttaTEXAS! (Tanas*****)

My grandma had breast cancer, grandpa has prostate cancer, and neighbor has brain cancer. I'm sick of this stupid disease. I'm fighting back! (Lasoda******)

OK Pink it is! I suppose my pink bikini top is more apt as breast cancer/ CRUK is pink (LOUI****)

Easter Dinner in the SNC Caf tonite. C'mon in for Carved Prime Rib, Pecan Crusted Chix Breast and much much more. See you tonite!! (Chef****)

Help claddagh break a guinness world record on april 18th! come in & register now! all proceeds go to breast cancer recovery! (Claddagh*******)

Early detection of breast cancer and other inflammatory diseases with infrared imaging. (Mantp****)

My sister is talking about our friend going for a consultation for a breast lift and tummy tuck and how much it costs :( (Gertud******)

Delicious pan-fried breaded chicken breast for lunch. Also, I finally found my PS2 - USB adapter hiding in a box in my closet. (Samr****)

Dinner: chili powder & cumin rubbed chicken breast and spiced tomatoes on toasted sourdough. Yum yum yum. (ShockBo*******)

Fuze Goji Wild Berry. The best fruit juice around. And as a bonus I'm donating to cure breast cancer. Two birds with one stone. (NateL*****)

I am looking 4 bpa, dehp, phthalate free breast pump. so far i found a: medela, bailey medical deluxe nurture i, ameda (evenflo) !! (Eco_Envi*******)

Hi, Hello lady in z white dress, yes u with z slippers breast, don't evr leave ur hse w/out a bra again, doan look good, stop gi we bad name (Zainey******)

Craft show tomorrow at Shorty Howell. All proceeds from our booth go to support Relay for Life and Breast Cancer 3-Day. (Hort****)

Wouldn't it be fun if breast implant manufacturers filled every 100th pair of implants with the contents of a bean bag chair? (Bsc**)

A few weeks ago my science teacher told us that deodorant has been known to cause breast cancer and alzheimers. whoa? (Haaayhea*******)

Every day that you don't have breast cancer, is a day to buy yourself flowers and do a breast self exam. (Elizabet*******)

Bottled water in your car is very dangerous! On the Ellen show, Sheryl Crow said this is what caused her breast cancer. (Bella****)

Soo. My friend has a mysterious L-shaped tan line on her left breast that she has no idea where it came from. (Kendr*****)

Crying* been diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Hating life right now. Going m. i. a till further notice. Keep me in ur prayers! Thx (MaxyB****)

The Noreen Fraser Foundation is giving 1 Million Dollars to the brilliant doctors at UCLA to fund research for ER+ breast cancer (Noreen******)

Just saw a sticker in Zaxby's for a Breast Cancer Awareness Cookie. (TheJe****)

Well today I lost my Aunt Deanna. Not the breast cancer but her heart. Weak from the chemo. No more pain. RIP Aunt Deanna (J_u_l_*****)

Fact 1 out of 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime 1 out of 28 will die. Support research for breast cancer. (Theamazi*******)

Wow, my 9th grade BFF is in Albuquerque, married with three boys & recovering from breast cancer surgery. That's a lot to catch up on. (Stefa****)

I am NOT tearing up while watching a required documentary on breast cancer. . (JamesMen*******)

Ugh. In w/ obit for my 6th grade teacher, a husband & wife died a day apart-pancreatic & breast cancer, respectively. (Magdel*****)

Experts criticizing the wisdom of the ACLU for going after the constitutionality of breast cancer gene patents are so very suspect. (Violet******)

Please pray for my friend. She has breast cancer and she's only 14. :/ she needs the prayer and she'd really appreciate it. Shes scared. (Getjon*****)

Tumor markers such as CEA CA27.29 are not always reliable in breast cancer. Overuse and patients faithfully checking this is a problem. (Teamon******)

I am very very very sad now because my aunt is re-diensosed w/ breast cancer.:( Please send us some prayers. We appersiate that Thx. (Singand*******)

Going for a jog to get in 5k shape! I'm running two 5k's this month. One for the Humane Society and another for Breast Cancer! =) (Daniell******)

There are 74 left til the Komen NC Triangle Race. Will you join us as we raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer? (KomenNCT*******)

Just know i clicked on 5 tittytuesday pics & died.. my professor saw the yella bit w/ the chocolate nipples & said "breast cancer?" (High****)

I just realized that all females breast r smaller then the other hehe i thought i was the only one i use to think that i had breast cancer (STFU_n_S*******)

Pray for Linda, treatment resistant breast cancer, taking special meds which are expensive (Sojou*****)

I'm gonna get breast cancer this bus driver doesn't know how to drive over speed bumps (SGetEmR******)

Cali, Day 8. Drive Oakland. Fly Denver (breast feeding and crying baby for 2 1/2 hours!). Fly Spokane. type writer in hand :) what a trip (Garrett_*******)

Somehow the conversation at On The Border turned to breast implants. O_o (IAMsho*****)

Car magnets are for the non-committed. "Better make it a magnet, in case my position on breast cancer changes." (AnnieJo******)

Stereotypes all graphic designers are geeks who have never seen a real breast and who collect star wars action figures (RobotD*****)

I've just been informed that breast milk can aid in the healing of conjunctivitis! . glad i dont have conjunctivitis! (Jec**)

Carifta swimming day 3: lots of interesting heats. Gabrielle Greene ( Bahamas) wins heat, qualifies for 13-14 girls 50m breast stroke final (Dennis******)

BREASTFEEDING helps reduce the mom's risk of breast cancer. When they print that on a pink ribbon, then I will wear one! (Ceki***)

What's with all of the sudden hype in the media on the benefits of breastfeeding? breast is best is like so. yesterday. (Hilma****)

Sentinel node biopsy is preferred over PET/CT for staging a clinically negative axilla in patients with breast cancer. (DocR****)

KFC should do an ad that goes like this "eat to a breast to save a breast" for their buckets for the cure (Barber******)

Just to let you all know those are all nearly new baby bottles and breast pump. So if u live close you can have them :) (Pink****)

My aunt's breast-cancer free anniversary is soon. Can I create a white rose bouquet with a pink rose 4 every yr cancer free? (Brin***)

It was chicken breast, red curry paste, coconut milk, eggplant broccoli ginger capsicum mushroom onion. Pick what u like thou :) (Paleo*****)

Ugh.. my baby boy refuses to take a bottle or food, all he wants is breast milk straight from the source. he bites ugh!! (Mommee******)

Love born free-easy transition from the breast. easy to clean and confident about their safety! (Myecof*****)

Napa valley 1st we clear cut ur beautiful forrest, then we spray ur drinking water, ur earth, ur air. we will even give you breast cancer. (Marc****)

Have you ever seen an Asian with lips like the chick from tomb raider, breast like Pam Anderson, booty like Buffy The body?? (WASHIN******)

Abingdon Market square today from 11 Against Breast Cancer Spring Fun Day bands, childrens rides, stalls meet Jemma climbing Kili (Chipp*****)

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