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60 External Comments

T-bone toms from kemah is on diners drive-ins and dives right now! (Dank****)

I've been slacking with my goal! Oh no! I'm supposed to be at 40K by the end of this hour, but I'm at 38.5K. Bare-bone scenes = good plan! (KarlaEr******)

Oh no! I forgot about a 4 PM appointment! I will lose approximately 1.5 hours of writing time! *writes bare-bone scenes.* (KarlaEr******)

Intel has a brand new 6 core CPU. Tiger Direct already has it on sale, and available as a bare bone kit! It's not cheap, though. (Deebe****)

Completely devours the chicken leg, tosses aside the bare bone* (Inside_M*******)

Meet Me In The Sky - bone thugs n harmony. . real music. not that oh I can rhyme two words, I can rap now bullshit. (ONaPayp*******)

Nowplaying "notorious thugs" notorious b. i. g & bone thugs-n-harmony (I_Am_S*****)

Nowplaying Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Meet Me In The Sky. really feeling this song mehn (Mike***)

Gong to cleveland oh, home legends bone thugs n harmony n lebron james, but still dallas rock dallas rocks (btnh tone) (Checho_******)

The radio turnd' into a pussy man i swear, only plays prissy shit. where's: snoop, 2pac, biggie, fifty, 2short, nwa, mac10, bone thugs . . . (ItsBOM******)

Nowplaying Bone Thugs N Harmony - Thuggish Ruggish Bone. one of my all time favorite songs (MathisN******)

All 5 members of bone thugs n harmony are gonna b at the house of blues this saturday. Thts a must see! (Cuee****)

You can feel how you feel about Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. but personally. Bizzy Bone acts like a little bitch. Period. (Grand*****)

Last nite i got invited to a bone thugs and harmony concert for saturday nite. i'd love to go. if only i didn't have plans already& i knew (Niinna*****)

Sittn here watchn bone thugs n harmony new video on the comp wit whit *confused face* (THNKL****)

I cannot even hallow development this with a joke: new Bone Thugs and Harmony single just dropped. (Lizha*****)

So I guess buffalo ran out of celebrities bone thugs and harmony (Ronni*****)

Shoutout to my homie whitnee we bout to catch the bus and be in that bone thugs n harmony concert coming soon! Lmmfao!! (THNKL****)

I play "Thug Love" by 2Pac and Bone Thugs N Harmony every morning while getting ready. It's a rather hood way to start my morning. (UrLady******)

I cant wait til april first so i can sing bone thugs n harmony song."first of the month" ! lmao. i luvv dat song (Goodgrl_*******)

Raising hustlas, thieves, & prostitutes. Young homie think before you shoot. Mur der ahs! Bone Thugs - "Change The World" (Choc****)

Busy - Lyfe Jennings, My Chick is Bad - Ludacris ft Nicki Minaj, Pay What you Owe - Bone thugs, Dont make em like u no more- Ruben Studdard (ROCKit******)

Bone thugs + Cleveland + late diner mom time + fresh fitteds = flossed loungin'. (Psar****)

Playlist for the next 27 hrs.. lil wayne, ryan adams, bone thugs, static major, d'angelo. coheed and cambria, jon b (Keltr****)

The old bone thugs is back flesh bizzy wish krazie n lazyie damn idk thy let flesh out (StFuTw*****)

Who knew that Bone Thugs N Harmony just played SXSW?? can anyone say nostalgia act? :) (Tsiak****)

Bone Thugs blasting from passing cars and gun fights goin down in the street. Pretty sure someones getn raped. Only in the Pacific Palisades. (Cameron*******)

Why haven't anybody got on the crossroads track by bone thugs n harmony on they tape.? (NewEr*****)

Putting the final touches on my portfolio site and listening to Bone Thugs ~N~ Harmony. (MikeGer******)

Nowplaying Notorious BIG feat BoneThugs N Harmony - Biggie smalls and bone thugs - Lets Ride (Shade****)

O sh*t nowplaying Bone-thugs n harmony - don't matta which 1 evry songs a classic (Stayo*****)

For the whole day i wanted to listen to one song. my wish did come true thank god. bone thugs - thuggish ruggish bone (Tomn***)

Just bought a metal detector hoping to find treasures in backyard Reading about yellow fever+olde philadelphia. I next need a bone detector. (TheBlack*******)

Evenifyouaregay why are you jacking your feet up putting on womens shoes? Males and females have different bone structure. Not good.. (Pii_F*****)

Oh and if today I can also locate a vintge, bone handled straight razor in one of the numerous antique shops along the way? Epic win (Twiste*****)

Spend afternoon exploring chicago w/the family. museum campus, aquarium for a little while, grant park, etc. bone tired but happy. (Drube*****)

Sexc red bone i think im gone take her home put her on my hip on my belt like my cellular phone neva leave home not alone like my 40crohme (Sgt***)

Colorado in 7 days. medical supplies are in a order. burning down concerts with bone thugs soon! (Realjon*******)

Attempting to look like a polished boy. Rag & Bone tailored pants, AWang tshirt, vintage lace vest, Chanel flats, Stella McCartney trench. (Isabell*******)

Brooks Laich broke a bone in his face, what will all the puck bunnies do? (Magunw******)

Cone clone phone tone drone bone moan loan lone jone Joan hone (LetsSki******)

Went up to highland aftr school and bought a new shirt and a necklace carved out fo bone from the world trade shop =] (SikCorv******)

Sharp like an edge of a samurai sword the mental blade cut through flesh and bone though my mind's + (Ravib*****)

I found a remarkably clean silver necklace in the cat box this morning. Uh, Goofball, did you swallow the bone button that was on it? (LysGui*****)

Alex ended up breaking his humerus bone. no muscle damage. way to go Vanderbilt for missing that one! (Monke*****)

West Virginia Mountaineers G Darryl Bryant breaks bone in foot, ends season: West Virginia starting point guard Darryl "Truck" Bryant . (TeeMar******)

Watchin' da marx brothers to bone up on my marxism. does the mute guy represent the proletariat? (Krin****)

Rag&bone chose an intimate little place in yoyogi uehara to have a meet and greet. Bamboo pizza was delish!& Marcus and David very cool (FashionT*******)

A short turned into a long stop at rag&bone party. now to nozomi Ishiguro. Want to get sone backstage shots before it starts! (FashionT*******)

Rag bone ! the man who shouts it seems abit weird :s i use to think he collected rags and actual bones . (Shelbs_******)

Intense trade-shopping yesterday. 2 hours with Doro in rag&bone, thats a record ! and worth it indeed ! (Amandan*******)

If I could afford any jackets from Rag&Bone. I will totally die happily. (Schmokep*******)

I enjoyed the juxtaposition of my white Smith & Wesson-covered Rag&Bone tee with the canvasser's 'Stop the Violence' tee in bright pink (Therea******)

Bottega Louie- details make the difference. Silver plate, rich textured napkins, Himilayan sea salt. Bone china. (Qmck****)

OMGFacts women that wear lace front wigs usually can't grow hair pass their cheek bone (Jeffer*****)

Every time I watch Shallow Hal it reminds to never drink & bone. My beer goggles are vicious. I don't want that vision forever (MrMik****)

Steak for Dinner. 1 1/2 inch thick Black Angus T-Bone seared over hot charcoal, pink and juicy on the inside. It was a Tim Taylor moment! (JWSh****)

Ahahaha peppers wandering around the kitchen trying to find somewhere to hide her bone. ahahaha PMSL she even tred the wine rack. (Slk**)

Stem cell factory Stefano Verri in San Gerardo hospital, Monza to produce high-tech stem cells to cure blood|bone cancers (Bridges******)

Yay brought my house in NZ and now looking to buy on on the gold coast!! It doesn't help having bone cancer tho! (Cricke******)

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