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60 External Comments

Broken distributor cap bolt, stuck bolt with a striped head on left rear disk caliper. (Tamara******)

Wrote my first-ever negative feedback, and against Adorama. Bent bolt on Bogen ballhead & all they said is "tough luck. Longer than 14 days. (Andyr****)

The Hershey Kiss-shaped business man next to me is really bringing down the Bolt Bus cuteness quotient. (Mqwe****)

Finally i downloaded bolt browsin appt on my sanyo mirro 4 boost mobile(power by sprint) (Ibab****)

And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals. Amen. (Andreac*******)

On the third day, God created the Remington bolt action rifle, so the Man could fight the dinosaurs, and the homosexuals~I LOVE MEAN GIRLS (Cataly*****)

On the 3rd day, God created the bolt action remington rifle so man could fight the dinosaurs. (Katie*****)

OK I pretty much decided that my Crown Graphic is hella shooting this year. What's a good flash I can bolt to it?? (Schla****)

MW2 needs some new gun packs like the L85 carbine and some more bolt action sniper rifles with new atachments like laser pointer ECT. (Luca****)

I'm buying bus tickets for DC next weekend - is Bolt the way to go? I have no bus travel experience, so I appreciate any input. THANKS! (Lauren******)

Thank you all for the overwhelming interest in 'Dead Bolt' RFID security technology. Insist that your info is protected with 'Dead Bolt'. (Spive*****)

Real Andrew Bolt op ed in the Daily Telegraph: "We can't let the peas defrost just to stop Armageddon". (Xanthek******)

Coming up in july - bolt, powell, lemaitre: a majestic 100 m at the meeting areva (friday, july 16) (Adam****)

Still no bolt on gate. still no word from Social Worker responding to texts & email. Feel lower than a snake's armpit."Put not your trust in " (Warphob*******)

It's raining so hard outside it's so awesome! And imagine saying that in Rhino style from Bolt. It's so awshum! :)) (Radhika*******)

By that definition, there's no argument: Usain Bolt is a genius! (Petebobb*******)

Had a dream that I was dating Evan Lysacek. Didn't get to see that lightning bolt though. Haha. (Norths*****)

Maggie Bolt: you should not do user consultation which asks 'which of these do you prefer?' (MADEp*****)

Maggie Bolt: public art is a process, need to create a framework where artists can contribute, develop creative commissioners. (MADEp*****)

Both brothers sat bolt upright. The simultaneously lowered their sun glasses, so that they could peer over the top (Blaze*****)

Cold windy wet morning. I hope it's the last of the March weather and not a preview of April. Btw does anyone remember bolt bus being bumpy? (Arck***)

Woot wot! Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief bagus banget! Go Zeus and yer lightning bolt loves it! (Dira****)

Like a bolt out of d blue, I was struck and there was u.4 a moment I believed that I could let go nowplaying Espen Lind - Scared of Heights (AMra****)

Today something bad happened at school. this guy was sitting on back of sit. and his leg was near i bolt and he fell back cut his leg. (BretM****)

Forget what she looks like. ask her if she is a liberal. if she says yes. run like Hussein Bolt to the countryside. (Jong***)

Be a lot better than that frostfire bolt, never liked that thing (Bid***)

Experts so far on immigration story on aca: Howard Sattler, Andrew Bolt. Maybe they can add some balance and get Pauline Hanson's opinion. (1e**)

This rain is ridonkulous- last lightning bolt knocked out most of the power at home (Whoi****)

Thunder bolt 2 woke Charles-Monet the cat from his 10th nap of the day, lol. seattle. Here comes the thunderstorm, folks. (Hipsfo*****)

The quake is a good reminder. Bolt things that may topple over to the walls. Flat screen TV's are real easily toppled over. Ouch. (OneCrank*******)

Well, time to bolt down more furniture, get latches for the kitchen cabinets. quake preparedness.. can't say we weren't warned. (Jenis*****)

Roger Federer was a name unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. (Satind******)

Just passed the store, tri-city screw and bolt. apprently, they sell screws and bolts, not hookers. (Mrsbea******)

Is dissecting an LCD projector but can't find his security bolt screwdriver heads. love electrical autopsies (Dba***)

I got my fabric! woohoo! fingers are itchin' to sew. Love the aged muslin. May have to order it by the bolt :-) (Rosies******)

We're handdrafting a connector tool on vellum. I'm doing a bolt lock. if I could do this on solidworks my life would be better (Bordeaux*******)

Fact 4: i have 2 dogs! in virginia i have an italian greyhound his name is bolt:) and in nc i have a palmeranien and he name is chllie:) (SmileIt*******)

I can't find the tightening bolt for the top of my tumbler, if I turn it on now everything will fly out. Not that it's ever happened. (JennCo******)

Acid-subbed Lightning Bolt + ice on the ground = clouds of toxic gas. Battlefield control! :D (Chime****)

Today my friend was trying to convince others she attends hogwarts, she even has a lightning bolt scar. (Sarahfo******)

You look like a mexican Zeus with the lightning bolt in ur picture. (Benricha*******)

Just played: Sublime Freak - Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights(Load) (Wtul_pl******)

Just took 6 gbs of music from stoked on The Cure, Hella, Lightning Bolt, and lots of ska and punk. (JosefS******)

Lightning bolt on my face,, with the best friend and im feelin kinda boss (: (Hanann******)

Finally made it to Festival Hall.. If you see a chick with a lightning bolt, thats me! Come say hi! (Courtne******)

Gerk lives a lightning bolt away from C. Lol. We just realized that. You probably don't get it. (Arnelle******)

A lightning bolt generates temps 5 times hotter than the sun. But not as hot as ur breath. illStopRoastingWhen you brush your teeth. (XxMisbe******)

Ah, sounds like a lightning bolt of wisdom. Hope it struck others in the room as it did you! (Tish****)

Instead of the Titan and Cruel Father of the Gods Cronus, it was Hades who puts interest of the lightning bolt. (Joannap******)

I dont think anything was on the other side. i was at the back all i could see was a lightning bolt (Asleepls*******)

Because his first costume had a lightning bolt and he won so it's lucky! :D (Sashar******)

Because his first skating outfit was a superhero costume with a lightning bolt(: (Hear****)

And it's a double by Benjamin Franklin, throwing error, and he will score, oh what a lightning bolt (DKre***)

Just got home. In the upper right hand corner there should be a battery w/lightning bolt. That's charging otherwise it's green (LuvTh*****)

I want a tatto of a heart with a lightning bolt inside of it on my wrist!! ahaha but urs sounds cooler (GagazMo******)

You hit me with a million volts, you nail me with a lightning bolt. Oh baby, you knock me cold. Youre love zapped me, right between the eyes (Analo*****)

It has me at "as well as the lightning bolt antennas as seen on The Flash." (SonjaM*****)

Youngdavidbowiemysteries the lightning bolt shaped scar makes a lot of sense right now. (Presuma*******)

Those are some pretty good targets, but I'd be a lot warmer to the idea if a burn spell called Lightning Bolt wasn't around! (Baco****)

Aw man, i dropped out of RISD! now what am i gonna do with all these grindcore albums! (start lightning bolt) (Dr_***)

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