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Blue Ribbon - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

60 External Comments

Just got my niece a beautiful blue ribbon beaded necklace made in India from Ten Thousand Villages. I love their jewelry! (Aburch*****)

What patience women had to sit & quilt, what artistic vision to piece together & choose the colors. One had a Blue Ribbon from 1927. (Texass*****)

Thinkin about either blue ribbon sushi or nobu next door with e tonight. Leaning towards blue ribbon. Anybody care to weigh in? (Strum*****)

Swept from under my bed: a solidified gummy bear, a piece of blue ribbon, dust bunnies, and resentment. All going into the trash. (Jelly****)

Buying as many badges of pabst the blue ribbon eel as possible (Hotwing*******)

Just went to Blue Ribbon. Even eating vegetarian there is delicious. Mm. yummy food coma. (Terwill*******)

I so wish there was a Red Robin nearby. A blue ribbon burger is calling my name. (Cassie******)

Gadzooks! Facebook takes the blue ribbon for spam. Will never gripe about again. (MThel*****)

Loving the combination of a bleached burlap, soft lace, and royal blue ribbon for tomorrow's project! (Goodlif*******)

Have you tried that Pabst Blue Ribbon cereal? Makes me sleepy. (Danielj*******)

Old talk radio show thing: 'whats that new sign in the shop window? ahh, pabst blue ribbon: finest beer served. anywhere.' (Kdjsfgds*******)

I award myself a tall Blue Ribbon and a UFC fight on tvo with my loyal friend Tuff (CFH***)

For the record I ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon and it is even more delicious! (Lennys******)

Pabst Blue Ribbon and Natural Ice on tap; you stayy classy Georgia. (Fonz***)

With a mourning song as we walked back. As they neared the gates of home searching for the blue ribbon they bid farewell to lizzy. Adieu . (Koak****)

Just noticed the Pabst Blue Ribbon poster in Clint Eastwood's garage. (Tw0D****)

Child abuse is a worldwide epidemic. Help prevent it! Wear a Blue Ribbon, the international symbol for Child Abuse Prevention. (Ghost*****)

Who needs women when you have a case of pabst blue ribbon, and a life like replica of jenna jamesons pussy. hahahaha (Thacho******)

Apparently pabst blue ribbon is to indianapolis as heineken is to hawaii. I yor immediately bought one when i said i never had one lol. (Kih***)

Next weekend Viva Las Vegas. hot rods, rockabilly music, pin ups. and Pabsts blue ribbon (Emtk****)

Going to try our luck at Blue Ribbon wine bar on Downing. Favorite place in the city. (Nikb***)

I really want the Pabst Blue Ribbon sign that's on the side of the beer store. (Ablan*****)

Have to do a 12 hour shift tomorrow. Started packing to head out to Victoria for a few days. Be back in April, wear a Blue Ribbon! (Ghost*****)

Got to love the TTC. Guy double fisting with a tall boy pabst blue ribbon and a mickey of Canadian Club! (Gryph_*****)

Is your basement stocked with guns and cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon? The GOP is the place for you! (Grey****)

Headed to our pbr party. pro bull riders, not pabst blue ribbon. although. (Donova******)

I may actually buy Pabst Blue Ribbon again, it was surprisingly good. I risk ridicule however. (Natha****)

Are the people at Pabst Blue Ribbon aware that their product can lead to douchebaggery? (TheLaff******)

At the 2010 blue ribbon family fun festival, just got done playing with the group (Juany*****)

A small correction. Anytime I mentioned the blue ribon club or champions club, I meant the WCYF Champions and Blue Ribbon Club. (WCMess*****)

Had a lovely baking buddy today and now time to pack all these cookies up. Join me at Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store at 3:00pm. (Jennifer*******)

Just had a swarm on Young Conservatives in the street. Bright blue ribbon, ruddy cheeks, "Can we count on your support?" I laughed :) (Jum***)

Just won the blue ribbon at the alachua county fair for livestock juding and high indivdual on the team (Martin******)

Got that blue ribbon pourin while i float thru the am on my jet stream of mids (ItsMR*****)

Wish i would have known dennis hopper got a star today, sad to see him all sickly. pabst blue ribbon! (Huckl****)

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. support the cause by wearing a blue ribbon! (Just_D******)

Dennis hopper got his hollywood blvd star finally. "heineken?! f* that s*! pabst blue ribbon!!" (Drumsof******)

I saw a Pro Bowler wearing safety glasses. Is that to protect from rogue Pabst Blue Ribbon spray? (Ettho*****)

My weekend just started. Happier than a billy goat who just won the blue ribbon in a goat contest! (Kylemj*****)

Blah Pabst Blue Ribbon! Professional Bull riders. now I'll take me some of them! ;) haha (Chevyl*****)

Are you serious? sette, 12th st. bar & grill, provini, blue ribbon, rosewater, palo santo, benchmark, frannys, bar toto, etc! (Effedpa*******)

Join Parent Connection of Family Services with the 14th Annual Blue Ribbon Event and Dancing with the Little Stars tonight HGI Oshkosh!! (HGI_Os*****)

There are thirteen blue ribbon trout streams in the Upper Peninsula, five of them are in Iron County. (BewabicS*******)

My mom just gave me a blue ribbon that says 'Who i am make a difference' and said that the people at her work told her to go find. (JustinIs*******)

Salad competish! i have no expectations of winning the coveted Canning Blue Ribbon, but i do hope i can make something delicious. (Clara****)

Where to go for dinner on the UWS tonight? Not Telepan or Blue Ribbon. (Jckie*****)

At iba west blue ribbon conference? make a bid for a unique hawaiian adventure! proceeds go to the iicf. thanks to sullivan & chubb. (Doubl****)

Spencer Neblett and Randy Ferguson take the blue ribbon in State Track distance events. (Drl***)

Now I could me misrepresenting things, but I'm pretty sure he's urging us to smuggle Pabst Blue Ribbon into the province. (Pdmc****)

Pabst Blue Ribbon? Was he in S. Car., or Williamsburg? I retract my earlier statements. (Alexbou******)

I did end up getting the fried chicken last night. But, I still think my favorite so far has been Blue Ribbon. You? (Skeet*****)

I think it's the trail of Pabst Blue Ribbon you leave in your wake. seriously? (Patric******)

Travelling to the frozen north - York anyway having got my blue ribbon from btc (Grahampu*******)

Wearing a blue ribbon 4 nat`l foster care month/hi, diva! immediate success ~ secrets of a soap opera diva! great news! (Niteo*****)

The DIVA is wearing Valentino heels, Kay Unger dress & chandelier diamond earrings! Also wearing a BLUE ribbon for Nat'l Foster Care Month (Victori*******)

To go or not to go eat Blue Ribbon fried chicken (!) and listen to and Dave at the BK Bowl since I missed Sat. night, hm. (Janet****)

Tell me about it! I've got (Krug) champagne taste, and (Pabst blue ribbon) beer budget (Thewine******)

Love. love, love the blue ribbon tied letters; the pen, the paper, the possiblities. against that background of soldiering (Marib****)

Other places for great frites-Blue Ribbon, Minetta Taven, Mercer Kitchen, Cafe Lux. many more (WarrenB******)

At Blue Ribbon Defaix chablis lechets 07 and Allemand Cornas Chaillots 04. Oysrers, chicken etc. Best pre flight meal ever. Gotta go soon! (RN**)

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