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Back Pack - USA

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60 External Comments

The kit includes, nikon D50 body, 18-55 n 70-200 lens, Tripod, 8 GB card, Lens cleaner kit and a back pack to include all. cost me arnd 51k (_Si***)

Can't wait till I get my hundreds back pack, I gotta north face backpack ill sell for like 15 holla at me if u fuggin with it (Rudeboi******)

Just got some sweet carry on luggage for my trip this week. Have now completed the Ogio trifecta. Back Pack, Carry On and full size. (Exileo*****)

So maybe my floral back pack is clashing with my floral dress (Stacey******)

Selling: Sony HVR-V1U (HDV cam), wide angle lense, extended life battery, box, original papers, cables, back pack. Only used 80 hrs. (Markl****)

I feel like I need a regular back pack. I have messenger bags and totes but sometimes all you need is something simple like a back pack. (Emily****)

Ohh yeahh i found the back pack =X && i gbuess i wass suppose to read the great gatsby && i didnt ohh well haha xD (ISmile*****)

I had my skull candy headphones in the back pack . Im probably not gonna buy anymore headphones no time soon (Tdotc*****)

Night and all my stuff fell out. Made due with a Columbia back pack but need to find a new gym bag STAT. Must have room for hot rollers. (Josephin*******)

I've done hella walking today . I need a Rolly back pack or razor scooter lol (Miss_D*****)

Medela's the best! I had the back pack double electric. I was done in like ten min flat every time. (Bit***)

Oh! You said piggy back! So I though of back pack! Piggy bank makes a little more sense! Lmao. (Jenny****)

Cause seriously. I travel with my entire life with me. 1 checked bag, 1 back pack. Sometimes a makeup kit. (V_Ni***)

Woke up to the police ringing the door bell at 1:30 AM. Somebody stole Matt's back-pack out of his car and left it in an alley. Oh Lovely.. (Jncorn*****)

On the bus slappin N*Sync's "It's Gonna Be Me", just saw nick larson wearin a lil ass back pack (Serg****)

Omg this guy is country! Gucci hat gucci belt gucci shoes and the gucci back pack suicide! (Amour****)

What's your budget? Paddling pool, fold away tunnel for garden, some sort of trike, back pack. I'm your man for this task (Ben_Bl******)

I found a really cute Robert Lee Morris back pack. It's really tiny, and woven like a Bottega. I can't sell it! 2 cute! (Desig*****)

Just got a swissgear back pack for my laptop since noone makes a 17"3 case or sleeve and all the 17 ones i tried were to small!.. (Advent******)

Just finished my minimalist travel pack list. If I wasn't 6'4" id have a lot more room in my back pack. My clothes take up a ton of space. (Adam_ma******)

Was already on the thinktank site :) looking for a camera back pack. Thinking of going with a Tenba bag though. (Slidingi*******)

O don't think it would fit. It's a 3ccd Sony video camera with lenses mics batteries etc. The case is like a big back pack (Adeli*****)

I'm using a GoLite back pack for this 14 day EUR trip and I love it! I could live out of it and never go home ;-) (KristaV******)

Yu want the back pack, how shoe footie things, lap top case, or the one piece pajama set? (ClaSs****)

Oh get a grip! talk to me when you've got a mac lap and ye back pack (JadeSay*******)

But da rap scene then wasn't my cup of tea , it was back pack and I didn't fit in only a few ppl I cud relate to like , mike glc, sincere. (CeeHoods*******)

It was the day icame back frm the city GLC lol u was wearing ay back pack ? (EaatM*****)

Mentally collating contents of apocalypse back pack: rare vinyl, signed first edition books, Planet Of The Apes action figures. (Cameron******)

Hahah stupid stuff like the car i drive or that u have a black back pack a red phone (Robo***)

Norwin Rotary's chili and wing throwdown - Feb 19th at Circleville VFD - ALL proceds to the Norwin Rotary Back Pack Project (CS**)

Limited Porter x Pointer wallets, back pack and tote now in store. (Present******)

Girl sitting in front of me in class has an icp back pack, fingerless gloves and a jacket that says juggalette. (Heathe*****)

Backintheday i had braces, glasses, and carried a pokemon red strategy guide in my black jansport back pack. (HARRYxT******)

Ma boleh ga minta beli eos 500d 18-55 mm is usm. dry box, external flash, bat grip, lowepro apex aw camera back pack, lensa ultra wide angel? (Kim_j*****)

Lots of dishes, more cool phones, some cool shot glasses, robert lee morris back pack, wood block prints. lol! (Desig*****)

The hard thing was biking with the alternator in my back pack. Just a little added weight. (Alltech******)

A pug pissed on my back pack and has discovered his kindred spirit in 's sarah. A dope dog park visit. (Kyeo****)

It's a continuous contour line drawing of your backpack. And you have to write about what the contents of your back pack reveal lol. (Sarag*****)

Got myself a Benro small back-pack sling bag for my dslr. Very nice! (Rajib****)

For those select few that are curios, the 15inch MacBook pro fits in the small Tenba shootout back pack. (Anthony******)

Man we go way back since pop shop house-i remember you with the lab top and back pack -now you bigger than all of us. lol (SMOKINJO*******)

Still don't know if I should bring my back pack or Oilily (messenger) back, because right now the oilily one is jam-packed. (JustCall*******)

Did anyone like the Back Pack Booster car seat idea that was on BBC1's apprentice 2 weeks ago? If so let me know as I'm taking orders. Fi x (TMBabyK******)

Looking thru a CCS magazine thinking about orderings some shoes and some clothes, hats, belts, wrist bands, back pack, gym bag. (Edad****)

Air Max chinos lumber jack and my black hat and I'm rockin the same Nike back pack with a doobie in my ear I feel so fresh and chilled (BlackJ******)

I have a cap gun in my back pack along with 3 packs of ammunition.. Downtown should be interesting today (Thelonio*******)

I think there's a pledge walking around in a lilac puppy dog back pack haha (Samant******)

So finally my back pack came in!:D was saying might have gotten mine cus we both got orange backpacks xD (Siimply******)

Just passed a mirror. No makeup, back pack, gym bag, glasses and shirley temples. No wonder these lil boys are being extra. LOL I look 17 (Ty_Mc****)

Late night n crafts with . Results = one aztec warrior prince head dress wizard back pack and a toast rack (Tallshi*******)

Jans sport back pack, all black hoodies and all that jordans air forces and air max (TheOnly*******)

I remember I had a back pack in high school, a softball bat, and in sweats smh these girls look like they going 2 a club (Virgosu******)

I feel like doing a updated what's in my back pack video. prolly not (Charla*****)

Dead tired. a gym bag and a back pack full of heavy sweaty clothes in just one day. thanks kuya for driving me "everywhere" :)) (Germaine*******)

Did this guy really just pull a Burberry scarf out of his fake Louis Vuitton back pack? (Pageli******)

Very very excited about opening my Caribee 85L fastrack back pack with wheels! Only a few hours to go! (Cza***)

Got the The Moon Unit Carrying Bag in the check out, but thinking bout buying it lol idk yet im tired of my ring light being in a back pack (Rdigita*******)

Help. need a cam bag to take D70 18-105 & D70 55-300. back pack not having much luck on google. need 40cm internal. any ideas? (David*****)

My wife left several copic markers in my stocking and an awesome back pack specially made for art supplies. Love art stuff for Christmas! (Hefna****)

Coogi shirt Coogi shoes Coogi jacket Coogi pants Coogi hat Coogi back pack. C'mon son. (ChadBi******)

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