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Join Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for some egg-stra special Easter celebrations on Sunday, April 4th for a sumptuous Easter Brunch! (Vanfoo*****)

Thinkin wat to get for my 6th tat. it will be the start of my sleeve so excited makin my appointment for april. (DiAsoRe******)

Spring has sprung. and so has baby shower season it seems! Lots of new mommies receiving Stephine+Mattie Bambino Baby Bag set in April! (Stephin*******)

New album 'Feels Like Spring' with the Idea Of North will be out 16th April on ABC records. This one's been a while coming. (Morrison*******)

April is going to be here soon, I'm expecting Android 2 for my Samsung Galaxy I7500. (Tam***)

TNA Wrestling coming to Vicksburg, Mississippi April 30. Surprised little ole Vicksburg instead of big city Jackson. (Sour****)

Also buying our hockey tickets tomorrow for the Bruins game IN BOSTON on april 1st against the Panthers so w/e (Zombie*****)

Kickin 0ff springbreak2010 april.1st plush f0am party, april 2nd fernandina beach, april 4-10 tampa&-miami beach (PRETTyG*******)

April 9th at fionn maccools and april 10th at my place bar and grill. (Badas****)

Yo auto kids dont forget april 7th new york knicks day even if you don't like them rock the blue and orange. (Theradic*******)

Dear ohio. i thought that *april showers bring *may flowers? not march! (MagMot******)

April 5 is the home opener for the Milwaukee Brewers. That night, the NCAA championship. That's going to be a busy day/night. (Js_bizo*******)

Me+steven+san antonio+april 1= Upon a burning body's cd release show :D me and him are "making opportunity our bitch" lol (Carl****)

Going to South Carolina mid-April to photograph the 4 day recording sessions of the next album by Dylan Sneed, "Texodus". Exciting project! (Wadegr******)

OK PPL I am goin to new Orleans April 23-25 goin party for friends bday & 2 jazz fest 2 c drake perform anybody wanna come? (Aquariu******)

Elton John is coming to Youngstown Ohio in April for a concert. nothing is too exciting about that. id go if Gaga went too!! (Monste******)

MSM client, Jeremiah Weatherspoon, has visit with Seattle Seahawks on April 6-7th. First of many visits to come! Miami Pro Day on 26th too! (MetisS*****)

The 2010 98RockFest will take place in Tampa Florida on April 24, 2010 and will feature Alice in Chains and Limp Bizkit as the headliners. (PunksN******)

Is there really women's basketball on the front of ESPN. com right now? A little early for an April Fool's joke, don't you think? (Kelle*****)

Had a great concert at Los Cabos - Jenks Friday night! Will be back April 3rd! (Pandemi******)

Los Cabos selected to host the annual American Academy of Hospitality Services International Star Diamond Awards Ceremony, on April 24 (Golf_Gu*******)

Next show is at Swallows Inn, San Juan Capistrano, April 3. Will you be there or wishin' you were? Don't miss Raining Horseshoes! (Horsesh*******)

My kids are back to school after Spring Break- field trips, girls scouts. Kids in Haiti are not. Will their schools reopen in April? (Claire*****)

Adam confirmed all the band will be with him in April (yeah), that IIHY would be next single & there would be a vid (yeah again). (MuffiLep*******)

Join us introducing of our exclusive vermont danby marble (leed & greenguard apprvd) get ceu credits. cocktail hour april 22, please (Stone*****)

Had fun rocking out with Mosno & saffhi. looking forward 2 the CD release April 30th & Honfest June 16. stupid trumpet won't let me g . (DrWa***)

Morning! Heard that the cherry blossoms will be at their peak in Washington DC on April 1st. if you haven't seen them, you should! (LeeAnne*******)

On 24-25 April - The Ultimate Spy and Sci-Fi Event -1st collectors' convention/signing event inc. exhibition of props & costumes; signings (Sunse****)

Is having a Lia Sophia booking blast for April! Lots of great "deals" when you book a show with me in April! (Mizmom*****)

April 10: sailor education sessions: 11:00am - wheel bearings; noon - gel coat; 1:00pm - sail trim. location tbd. (Idahos******)

I cant wait til april first so i can sing bone thugs n harmony song."first of the month" ! lmao. i luvv dat song (Goodgrl_*******)

Planning trip to Japan in April. Anyone experienced the overnight bus option fromTokyo to Kyoto? Good way to save on a hotel night I suppose (Parl***)

The first two MARRIED couples to EMAIL me their anniversary date and mailing address get a hotel night w/all the trimmings in April on me. (Candice******)

Just cancelled my booking for Italy. Anyone want a free hotel night in Milan. April 16. let me know. I prepaid for one night already (Momol****)

Tw: the andy griffith show cbs between october 3, 1960 and april 1, 1968. 249 episodes. what it was, was football (Animal******)

The andy griffith show cbs between october 3, 1960 and april 1, 1968. 249 episodes. what it was, was football (Tjap***)

Blahhness. Switching rooms with Brock and April, and they're not even here to help. -_- (XxBeast*******)

Just booked my Amtrak seat up to NYC in late April. Now just need to get my TGV tickets to Paris. (TravelSa*******)

So I hear that the Puma store in G'town is closing in April. can anyone put some truth behind this?? (Blks****)

Will be going to see of montreal in orlando on april 10th. so stoked. (Jul***)

Sale - pay for one monogram - get one free! Sale is effective April 1 - 15th! (Kidsco******)

Busy busy busy!! over the next 4 weeks. 26 march - cashmere, 2 april - mendo, 8th april - reset robot, 16 april - miss noa (TinkerP******)

Jimmy Clausen not working out at Notre Dame Pro Day. Toe surgery. Throws April 9 in South Bend. (LarryW******)

New tour dates released!! Houston, Texas April 16th, Paris, France April 18th, and Fogo, Cabo Verde April 27th! Get your tickets!! (Suzanna*******)

Suzanna lubrano new tour dates released!! houston, texas april 16th, paris, france april 18th, and fogo, cabo verde april 27th!! (Zoukn*****)

Join me during an online radio interview on April 20th. I will be discussing my novels and giving advice on love and relationships (Bklynno*******)

Thisyear april 2 speaking event with noam chomsky, amy goodman and arundhati roy. cambridge, ma. event is sold out! but u can watch it live (Digitalm*******)

The 1st XI's season starts, at home to Rowledge 4th XI, on 17 April. Sunday games begin on 25 April, when we will be at home to Westcott . (Hindhead*******)

PHISH tickets will go on-sale to the general public on April 2nd at 10 am, only at TicketHorse. com for Telluride dates. (Causeequ*******)

Ornaments' first ep. with the murder plans and electrifying riishi von rex. at avant garde bar april 24, 9:00pm 135 1/2 besserer st. (TheMurd*******)

Sydney Gigs! - 31st The Raval, 4th April World bar, 22nd Oxford Art Factory (Free), 1st May The Raval. Details? myspace. com/brendanmaclean (Maclean*******)

Check out the mega awesome megapiranha on syfy april 10th! starring barry williams (yes greg brady), tiffany and paul logan! (Chrisri*******)

I STILL cant use :( Flight tickets for cyprus arrived.. WOO.. bring on april half term ;D (Razz***)

I just spended my day at the Marriott Hotel getting interviewed by 5 different managers. I'm IN! I start in April. I just got a job =) (Yola***)

Dear Easter Bunny bring me S F Giants at L A Dodgers tickets for Friday, April 16th. In the Dugout Club if possible. I've been really good! (Fun4l****)

Excited about our upcoming "Ageless GLAM" event on Friday, April 23rd 6-9PM Sponsored by Redken 5th Avenue! More details to come. (Anikosa******)

Back home to the minnesota state, here til april 7th, this could be a long and interesting two weeks (Hannah_*******)

The Astros are back! Monday, April 5th is the home opener against the San Francisco Giants. Get your tickets now! (Nelson******)

Pleased to announce a steelheading photo of mine is in the opening pages of the April issue of Field and Stream magazine. On sale now! Sweet (Greene******)

Tickets for Barcelona v Arsenal will go on sale on April 1st, 2010 at the Catalan club (Jeanluc*******)

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