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Answering Machine - USA

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60 External Comments

Call someone you know is not home and leave a cheery message on their answering machine. (Lineso******)

Phone answering machine message - '. If you want marijuana, press the hash key.' (Patsh*****)

Whoever keeps rinigng me and hanging up, learn what an answering machine is and leave a message! (Whois*****)

So i just realised we have an answering machine, due to someone from the hospital leaving a message about me ?_? (Briannae*******)

Whatwereyouthinkin leaving a message on my answering machine like I was really gone get back at u lol. (Playa****)

Damn diddy left over 5,0 messages on tyra banks answering machine. (Fontai******)

Ok am having a major attitude problem with friend's answering machine. Attitude is I want to talk to friend, not their answering machine. (Sarai*****)

Listening through 100 old song ideas I saved over the years from cassette, answering machine, 4 track, computer. they're like little diaries (Jennif*****)

How you have your the first thing on your answering machine. "yo what up" (SheOwns*******)

Statement: "I'm on a long distance call, can you call me later?" True Meaning: "I gotta turn on my answering machine." (Moth***)

Seinfeld is of such high quality. Yes, my answering machine makes sense. Oh, Castanza, this episode cracks me up. (Kinsey*****)

Everyone call 1-8-NEED HIM and save your soul via answering machine. Stupid humans. (Jatty*****)

When you were singing spiderwebs lol awsome singing by the way haha thats what ama put on ma answering machine haha (AnaFr****)

Dating Advice - Telephone Blues If the answering machine doesn t pick up, it s time to get the message: (Judie*****)

Why is yawney calling my house to pray on my answering machine? I can do that myself. Just leave me alone, let me be. Shet man! (Xox_Jos*******)

I think every hip-hop record released between 1993 and 19 had a skit that was an answering machine message. (Ramsin*****)

I love that somehow my dad sounds like the phone message robot voice on my parents' answering machine message (William*******)

It's amazing when people call and call and when they get my answering machine they say nothing. there's a reason you called, i know there is (Kata***)

I just called my grandmothers house and heard my grandfathers voice on the answering machine. i feel awkward now. (Hammy*****)

My Tea with Rivka s Answering Machine Learning what loving others is all about. (ShemikaS*******)

Faym Sellersville These are becoming like that scene in Swingers where Jon Favreau keeps leaving messages on the answering machine. (Willar******)

I have an answering machine in my car. It says, I'm home now. But leave a message and I'll call when I'm out. (ADWinc******)

Huw Stephens to play exclusive Answering Machine second album demo tonight on Radio 1 9pm. (Team_M******)

Hi, I'm not home right now, but my answering machine is, so you can talk to it instead. Wait for the beep (Just_je*******)

We called McDonald's to confirm business hours displayed from web site: answering machine said 11am. Now they called back: opening at 10am.. (Andrem*****)

Okay, that answering machine message that tries to make it seem like you're too busy having sex to answer the phone is just creepy. (Ked***)

ReasonToQuitYourJob you're the voice for the answering machine at the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Damn Shame! (WhoGo*****)

I'll get the implanted cellphone. With an answering machine for when I'm out of my head. -David Malcolm (JimGoo*****)

How old I am: I remember the days BEFORE answering machines. Does anyone have an answering machine anymore? (Janedo*****)

Not at all, they should come with a corded phone and answering machine to complete the time capsule. (Mabkno******)

My mom called me; i was acting like the answering machine " the sprint pcs costumer you have reached is not in service" she fell for it lmao (Cavalli*******)

Just watched 80's electricdreams on iplayer. The statement about people only seeing a telephone answering machine on Rockford Files so true (PamHol*****)

Where can I go to donate my old cell phone chargers n old house phone n answering machine? Thrift store? (N_Y_***)

Tried calling a district that I used to sub for and got a home phone answering machine. Things have changed since December. (Silica******)

Or you could just play your mashups and telephone answering machine messages. ;-) (J_a_****)

Wii control charger blinks red. Every time I walk by I think I have an answering machine message. Haven't had an a. m. in many, many years. (Ecst****)

I'm going nutso trying to set up this new phone/answering machine! I'm gadget challenged! Woe is me, alas. (Jalape******)

My cell phone answering machine goes "Hello?. . Just kidding, im not here. Leave a message." it gets people . (Maya****)

Carrie's answering machine message: Hi. I'm not here but my shoes are, so leave them a message. (Satc****)

But breathing into your answering machine isn't as satisfying as knowing you're listening. (DanOhR*****)

Wow this was sonot funny. i just heard on the answering machine "this is bob from the jonas brothers .." here he said bob churlies brother." (Jonas*****)

Why does tell you what month we're in on his answering machine. lmao (YG**)

Every week I wonder, who still has a home answering machine? Doesn't everyone have voicemail? :) (Ckweb****)

Personal fave is when their stupid auto doesnt know it's talking to answering machine. By time my machine beeps theirs is 1/2 over (ImpInM*****)

Now that's funny! Cousin did that w/answering machine message. Timing just rgt, thought she actually was on phone. (Mrscr****)

Deleteyourself if u still got music playing on your answering machine (Skee****)

Okay so this candidate I called has the entire Hallelujah Praise on their answering machine! (Livn***)

It is a huge pet peeve of mine to have people call and not leave a message. I have an answering machine for a reason, folks. (LaKe***)

I need to speak to the marketing rep for your company, I've called but I always get the answering machine (CIND***)

Work called, let answering machine pick it up, they want me to make delivery tomorrow. NO. (Cpuba*****)

Called the best answering machine at work."Hi there! Welcome to Dodger Town!" Ended by saying "Go Dodger Blue!" (Casa_t*****)

Bieberfact ; Justins answering machine used to say "Leave a message after the BIEBER". (Bieber******)

Can i say im about 2 cry here. Called the doc. cought the answering machine AGAIN. Think they might B on vacation. Have 2 walk up there 2 see (CARNA****)

So I jus spent 18 out of 20 mins on hold w/ the dmv which only resulted in me leaving a message on an answering machine! Yea (Winnie*****)

My aunt just got this weird message on the answering machine by some creeper. it was like "RAWR RAWR. Call me back." (Glambert*******)

Whats the name of the Big Sean song with the answering machine messages (Kbli****)

HAHA unknown caller just called and put my answering machine on HOLD.. twice. hahaha (Katelyn*******)

I totally heard your rude ass in the back of my answering machine message "forget about her lets go"! (Aga***)

I didn't pick up, b/c I was on the phone w/ my mom, but I called back, & some answering machine was talking about their business (Realwo*****)

Who uses the term / "a home answering machine?" / Wait Wait. Don't Tell Me!! publicradiohaiku (Votep****)

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