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60 External Comments

Bo Bice and Ruben Studdard are playing the Ritz in Talladega later this month and we've got your tix this week on Sunny 104.3 & 99.1 FM (WSYAS****)

Your fav miami hotel? besides ritz-c sb, viceroy, raleigh, tides, fisher island, 4seasons, fontainebleau, delano, mondrian, standard; ideas? (BunnyB*****)

Limburger cheese isn't too bad on Ritz crackers. if you get past the smell, which is a cross between funky gym socks and a cat litter box. (Yellow******)

I need a Sony cybershot battery charger. Ugh! Let's see what Miss Ritz giving today. (Whats****)

Tell me why I'm sitting on my bed in just my underwear with a stocking cap on my head eating ritz bits cheese sandwiches? (Lovedxi*******)

Im having a wine night. i am serving 2 buck chuck, cheez whiz, and ritz crackers.. who wants to come? (IRant*****)

Taking a hard hat tour of the new Ritz-Carlton Toronto this morning. It's supposed to be decadent to the max. (Yesg****)

Does anybody know where I can find a camera store, minus Ritz camera and best buy. Oh and that one in Norwood! Anyone? (Zakget*****)

A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz. ~Humphrey Bogart (Bravesa******)

Quote of the day A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz. ~Humphrey Bogart.. wishing I was in mass for a fenway frank (Bmd***)

Things spotted in the Ritz Carlton lounge - Crocs, a cotton candy machine, six year olds and a stroller. Not exactly Don Draper material. (Asilen******)

Seth is indecisive about which retirement job he wants in 30 yrs on LBK. A Ritz "cabana senior" or guide for the aquarium bay boat tour. (Carolad*******)

Nowplaying Putting On Te Ritz- Fred Astaire My amazing ensemble deserves this music. (Stream*****)

Laughing so hard picturing Kate gosselin dancing young Frankenstein "puttin on the ritz". Haaha. (Nancyg*****)

Aha! The friendly alcoholic upstairs has just got out of bed. He makes a noise like Young Frankenstein doing Putting on the Ritz. (Mr_Cons*******)

Eating lunch and "Putting on the Ritz" is playing in the restaurant. All I can think of is "Young Frankenstein" . and I laugh to myself (Chor****)

Is NOT impressed with the Ritz Carlton Dubai (Jumeirah Beach). A 5-Star hotel where I have to get the door on my own. with a baby carriage? (LizK****)

And then "Blue Heaven" and "Putting on the Ritz" by Joe Keenan, who later went on to write for Frasier. (Dlo***)

Splendid! Now about those hugs. I've got a pack of Ritz crackers, and one of Lady Gaga's false eyelashes. (Hillci******)

Chillin' in a penthouse at ritz carlton boston with jane, linda, and cassie. Yaya (Dumbfo******)

Just landed in Miami for the Ritz-Carlton Global Leadership Conference. Looking forward to a great week! (Skyeb*****)

I love the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman Islands! Great resort and impeccable service!! (CHadd*****)

Went kayaking today with Alee and Miso :) Then appetizers + drinks the Ritz Carlton! (SurfCh******)

Clifton. VA limo chauffeur service. Bristow, VA airport taxi. Falls Church. Mclean Tysons corner car service to ritz carlton hampton inn (Jaysse******)

Michael bolton live in concert, ritz carlton pacific place, 17 may 2010. can i touch you there?? (Dnu***)

Ritz Carlton Kuningan with . BSMR Level 2 training for the next 3 days.. (Dinda*****)

Monday morning start with 3 days trainning in Ritz Carlton.*sigh* (Chich*****)

Sitting in the stunning lobby of The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach Miami - very cool indeed (RitzCarl*******)

We are excited about AiponoAwards event tonight at Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, looking forward to hearing who the winners are! (Lahain******)

Seaweed body wrap at Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain: highly recommend. (Prettyfa*******)

Lovely hubby had a scrumptious brunch buffet at Ritz Carlton. Then Neisha Thai w/ one of my BFF, Chuchi, tonight. It's a lovely Sunday! (Asian*****)

June 30 CSR Virtual Conference featuring Timberland, Intel, Merck, Ritz Carlton and more! Stay-tuned and save date :) (Susan****)

I fantasize about every Ritz Carlton. especially Cancun. Best spa ever with therapy rooms out on a private, quiet beach! (Twinkle******)

Saying goodbye to the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta! What a great hotel, the room was super nice & the staff was amazing! (Anastas******)

At the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove for Miami Children's Hospital Foundation's "Hugs & Kisses" Children Fashion Show. (Danpere******)

I'm gonna try and convice my parents to look at apartments with me at Balston. I wonder how much a studio is at the Ritz Carlton ? (Roquea******)

Last Sun, I was in Philly eating cheesesteak. This wk, I'm at the Ritz Carlton for a fashion show. Life is full of variety! (TheTinyJ*******)

Come to Pameran sanggar busana (alm. My Aunt) Tien Santoso five star wedding exhbtn, Today at 9 pm, Grand ballroom The Ritz-Carlton PP (Echa***)

Booth di ritz carlton pasific place so awesome! everytime i look photo, design and concept. they always out of the box.. :) (MsH***)

Muter" kliling jkt mpe nyasar" haha. gw k gading, plangi, ritz carlton, trs k giant. liat ajj d album fb ny (Vli**)

Checking out the MKE Wedding Exhibition Ritz-Carlton . Nice catchin up w friends who open their booths here ;) (Peter*****)

Lagi liat nyanyi di wedding exhibition di Ritz-Carlton PP. memang meggang. hahaha. (THetiZ******)

Reconnected with my old manager from the ritz-carlton. so great to hear from her after 4 years or so! happy birthday polly! (Wowe****)

Going to see the wedding exhibition at the Ritz Carlton Hotel with , Ceuce Ratu and Mbak Yul. (NuS***)

Goin out. hehhe. one is my senior in law. the other one is from IR. supposed to be ritz carlton (Birgitt******)

Took some pics at Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas tonight, just found out it closes for good on May 2nd. (JenNo*****)

My fat colleague is the same shape as the monster in Young Frankenstein. Maybe he'll sing Puttin' on the Ritz for me if I ask nicely. (Bet**)

Hoje: london eye, big ben, buckingham palace, piccaddily circus, les miserables e. the ritz! (Marcela*******)

Thank you Ritz Carlton for the space to do yoga in my room. Loving my Rita Hayworth hair for the runway show today. (Taylor_*******)

So many movies out that I want to see, but don't show in PGH. I miss you, Ritz theatres. "The Eclipse" and the Banksy movie. (Lar***)

Headed to the Dallas Ritz to hang with KISS manager & Paul Reed Smith with the anchored guys. (Mikey_*****)

Disgusting story of day. white couple from UK staying at ritz in naples FL refuse to be served by a foreigner or colored person jerks (Allys*****)

Looking for a job? Ritz Camera in Rookwood is hiring full time. Come fill out an app. (Jarre****)

Watching Backyardigans with Rylan. He's dancing to the music and eating Ritz Cheese sandwiches. (DJMac*****)

Thornbridge beers also at Beer-Ritz in Leeds! Currently Halcyon & St P in 50cl, Jaipur & Kipling in 33. (BeerRit******)

Hey Monday. hope it will be a great day. reli test. ips mid term test and last honda and prestige party with kylie minogue at ritz carlton. woot (Andrea*****)

Got an adorable lop-eared bunny this weekend. Named him Ritz after Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. He's a Holland Lop. Love him! (KateSh*****)

Sitting top of Cheers hearing a Tejano band playing at Pecan St Fest. Gonna see Commando at The Ritz at 10. Live pyro during movie! (Moder****)

Busy nola: jeremy davenport ritz tonight, fri & sat.| kermit ruffins vaughan's tonight, blue nile fri, rock & bowl sat (BasinSt*******)

At the Ritz Carlton Hotel downtown ugh I'm so tired bout to get in this jacuzzi and call it the nite (Djdat*****)

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