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Oilcloth - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

sewing with oilcloth photosewing with oilcloth
$ 18.95 ($18.48 after rebate)

60 External Comments

Anyone know of a Vancouver shop besides Lazy Susan that has a great selection of oilcloth? (Kickp****)

That and the many layers of vintage oilcloth on the boys' bedroom floor! (Oilcloth is actually very pretty!) (Refashi******)

Ah I see. Thanks. believe we are an oilcloth free household then. Phew! (Th3littl*******)

Bummer about the oilcloth :( it makes awesome outdoor bunting!! (Giggleb*******)

All Mexican Oilcloth now removed from our site, I have just thrown it all in the industrial bin :( (Funkyf*****)

Woah that oilcloth info was crazy and just tucked in at the end hey?? (Weep****)

Scary about the oilcloth. I wouldn't have suspected lunchboxes, now thinking I don't know if I have it-how easy is it to spot? (Th3littl*******)

I think it is just oilcloth but I am emailing FreeSpirt and Michael Miller now to ask (Funkyf*****)

I was planning on making my 1yr old a raincoat from Anna Maria Horner oilcloth, do you know if this is also unsafe? (7thSp****)

You can still buy in US but is has a warning & you cannot buy goods for children made from oilcloth unlike here (Funkyf*****)

Mexican Oilcloth contains a chemical known to cause cancer and birth defects, yet you can still buy lunchboxes in Australia! (Funkyf*****)

Please note that we will no longer be selling Oilcloth, it is ban in the US for goods for children, why is Aus so behind?? (Funkyf*****)

I love the last bags I made, but iron-on vinyl inside started flaking apart after a few months. So - oilcloth FTW! (Gemi****)

I'll let you know when I try doing the oilcloth! I'm pretty excited to try it!! (Terr****)

Awesome! i am working on making my own natural oilcloth to make waterproof bags too. this summer when the weather is nice! (Terr****)

I got oilcloth bunting of cowboy & red polka dots for the garden :-) (Ruded*****)

Maybe it's whiskey talking, but my neighbor's patterned oilcloth tarp of snorkeling Santa & peppermint seahorses is so beautiful I may cry. (Db2f***)

Oh- i'm not sure - I probably would only want 1 yard of it.. I just saw that you had the other oilcloth. (Raa***)

I am spending a wild and crazy night cutting Oilcloth Addict order's and doing shipping, I guess I am paying the price for being sick. (Moder*****)

Is it easy to cut oilcloth with just a regular rotary cutter? thinking of ordering some from you! (KitschyD*******)

And lamifix too - you iron on and make your own oilcloth. very very excited about that!! (Patchf******)

Just ordered some real brown oilcloth from Hamilton Dry Goods in TN. I guess Southern girls want the real thing. (Studio******)

Wow. Our July 8 oilcloth zippered pouch class filled up in less than 12 hours yesterday. Nuts, nuts, nuts! (CityC****)

It's Foundation Day. OMG 57 entries for your Oilcloth- not sure when it ends is the boss:) (Desig*****)

No reprints? I can totally imagine a new life for it in oilcloth. (Devonin******)

I have been wanting one of your oilcloth tablecloths for around 2 years now. I really need to get on that. (Branno******)

It's not quite as heavy as oilcloth. Literally feels like fabric with lamination over it. (Twirlbir*******)

I have washed my hands of 50 copies of the people collider/careful. 2 new cds and my coveted oilcloth houndstooth apron to celebrate. (Theviol******)

How funny!! It's on the kitchen table and lovely (but not as substantial as fab CK oilcloth, but, hey .). Worth reserving? X (Nonsto*****)

Yes, I totally trust her! And today she gave me 2yrds of oilcloth from Mexico! Love her! (Crafty*****)

So excited about my ecofriendly oilcloth I am making!! I can't wait to show everyone when it's in my shop! (Terr****)

I used the Cahier books extensively, but dropped them after I could no longer find them in oilcloth. BUT, the new Volant fixes that! (11**)

Finally getting a chance to print my fabric that I'm going to turn into oilcloth for natural waterproof snack bags! (Terr****)

I'm making so serious cuteness for the Sewing with Oilcloth book! I love the moment a pattern finally clicks! Magic! (Moder*****)

Oilcloth came!! YAY! finally. Now: to sew a lunchbag. Should I sew it double layered, so the inside is also slick? will it be too thick? (Whofi****)

They look well pretty at your home! Love the cheeky appearance of the pink lace print oilcloth in the background too ;) (COWs***)

We're in the same boat! Can't get enough oilcloth for my imaginary kitchen/dinner table. Post pics when it really happens! (Oilc****)

Students are getting machines set up for Oilcloth Beach Tote class. Fun! (CityC****)

More fabrics for you to love at I Just Love That Fabric, new arrivals , specials, oilcloth (Lovetha*******)

Home from horses. Topless jeep showed an appalling lack of planning. But hey! I got to wear my big steampunky oilcloth duster on the highway (Absolut******)

What's the diff between oilcloth & vinyl? Picked up some remnants, seems like thin vinyl. how can I tell? (Handwa******)

I think even oilcloth has leather handles/tabs/trim. It's a bummer. (10bagsp******)

Tracy Johnson we are looking for you! You are the winner of the MY Oilcloth Tech Pod. Please contact us at info. com. (Miniba******)

Considered making my own oilcloth with wedding tablecloth fabric for my Emmy clutch. Nowhere in my apartment to dry it, though. (Thezeno*******)

Anyone got any oilcloth scraps big enuf to make bunting in return for jewellery? (ChicUn******)

Oilcloth wash bags x 3 and large make up bags x 10 all done!! Now to do 2 leather wash bags and tidy up!! (UrHandm*******)

Oh that's crap! Fabrics Galore sell a good range of oilcloth - is it specific prints? (TreeFal*******)

Trying to order much needed oilcloth from JL. takes 14 days from warehouse and not available in store! (Blueberr*******)

Oh, that's a horrible job, hems are curved & oilcloth doesn't like curves! (Mwm**)

Tonight Matthew, I will be mostly making tissue holders out of beautiful oilcloth. But first. Chinese food. (Lovefro******)

Just had a browse around new Belfast cathkidston shop. It's an oilcloth heaven. Fab vintage too. (ReFound******)

I have a quick crafters query - does anyone have any tips for working with oilcloth type fabric? (Madame******)

Also trying something a little different by using oilcloth. It's exciting and is going to look amazing (Lovefro******)

Lovely post this morning. quilting thread for tonight's class, oilcloth for a bag order and the fabulous holly fabric from (Funkydiv*******)

It's actually to help move the oilcloth thru the machine easier- the surface on the oilcloth tends to stick to a regular foot (Warmn*****)

Spring and Summer are just around the corner. Check out my oilcloth beach bags-totally waterproof. totally Chic! (Jcksti*****)

Gorgeous bag, I wanted to make a bag for myself but dare not venture into oilcloth :D (Bagl****)

No way. we love that Paris Peach oilcloth. Kathie just packed it up! Send me a picture when "you all" finish it up!! : ) (Moder*****)

Mom ordered from ur oilcloth site last night. :) At my urging. We're making a new table cloth for her. By "we" I mean "me". (Bar**)

I love that print Anna, do you know if they do it in cotton/canvas? Oilcloth scares me :/ xx (Bagl****)

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