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Lap Steel Guitar - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

Lap Steel Guitar (978157424134) photoLap Steel Guitar (978157424134)
CAD 45.5 (CAD45.05 - 43.23 after rebate)
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60 External Comments

Looking forward to a meaty studio session tomorrow. Cutting up lap steel guitar riffs. Sickness! (NelsonN******)

Yeahh. he bought a lap steel guitar n he's gonna try and sneak it into album number 3. cannot wait! (Mun***)

Checking out the stream for KEXP out of Seattle. From Superchunk to old school lap steel guitar. Not too shabby. (Jamiep******)

However, I don't think you can make the argument that Keith Urban is anything but pop music with a lap steel guitar throw in. (Bradsc*****)

Is that guy playing a flying-v lap steel guitar? And is that other guy "rocking" on a mandolin? Leather? What just happened? What WAS that? (Garyar******)

George's personal GeorgeBoards Royal Walnut lap steel guitar is on the Premier Guitar Magazine's online Gear gallery, 34. (Pjsd***)

Lap steel guitar is so hard. I should have asked for a banjo instead.. (Caroli*****)

Mike played lap steel guitar earlier tonight. Every time I hear lap steel guitar I imagine it's a kitty cat singing with its eyes closed. (Latit*****)

Saw your performance on Craig Ferguson. What tuning(s) do you use on your lap steel guitar? (ASli***)

P. s. I think i'm going to go buy a lap steel guitar right now after watching the Hard Rock Calling Festival on Palladia. *geeking out* (Ninanina*******)

Lap steel guitar. Yeah, i was thinking "steel guitar", but I never saw one like that. (Kaincop******)

Bought an awesome vintage fender lap steel guitar today! very excited about it!! (DarD****)

Tonite Robert Rich plays live on Echoes laying in lap steel guitar and flute solos over his electronic techno tribal grooves, (Echoes*****)

Just the way the lap steel guitar under David Gilmour reaches the top. It's the song of a lifetime for me. Thank you Pink Floyd. (San***)

Anne McCue is playing the lap steel guitar and it is screaming. Fantastic!! The audience is screaming too!! Sounds like Stevie Ray Vaughan (Christi******)

Unfortunately the lap steel guitar will set me back a fair bob. So youll have to meet me half way ;) (Danic*****)

Ahh the Ukelele one of the more interesting instruments. I might invest in a lap steel guitar and we can arrange a 'jam' haha (Danic*****)

The "guitar" you are playing in HATLK video. is that like a lap steel guitar? what's it supposed to be called? :) (Shel****)

Between three people: guitar, mandolin, bass drum, lap steel guitar, banjo, tambourines, shaker, melodica & cymbals. (Leeb****)

Luv the sound of the lap steel guitar via Hawaiian music! So soothing! : ) (Design******)

I love getting late night Skype calls from and hearing the blues. electric lap steel guitar, harmonica, she needs to ustream. (Poeti****)

Anyone know where i can buy or anyone would want to bless me with a lap steel guitar? :) (Joecho******)

This Saturday and I are playing sets accompanied by flute, banjo, and lap steel guitar. FREE! 721 Franklin Ave, Bklyn, 8pm. (Bhasse******)

Show this Saturday 8pm in Brooklyn with and others. Playing my songs accompanied by flute, banjo, and lap steel guitar. FREE! (Bhasse******)

My lap steel guitar is currently making its way east through Virginia. (R_Bro****)

Will have a lap steel guitar in my clutches hopefully by wednesday. (R_Bro****)

The monofilament on lap steel guitar trick worked again, phewf. (Agentsde*******)

Who plays a mean-ass slide lap steel guitar." haha thought that was funny. (Zoo**)

I'm itching for some lap steel guitar songs.. Any artist reference I could listen? (Gita_y******)

Does anyone have a lap steel guitar and would like to teach me? (Chrisb*****)

Just added lap steel guitar legend Greg Leisz to Anthology show in San Diego next week! Details at johncruz. com. See you there! Aloha. (Johncru******)

Hey just got a 1956 Fender lap steel guitar for the next collaberation! (Discob******)

Recuperating back at parents & discovered all these percussion instruments I'd forgotten i had. Also my poor neglected lap steel guitar : ( (Cather*****)

OK, , boyfriend and I have been arguing, is there a distorted lap steel guitar used in "Far" recording? Please help settle debate. (CheersT******)

At least bein ill is helping me get my Ead round this lap steel guitar (Bazze*****)

Just ordered a Rogue lap steel guitar from Musician's Friend. can't wait to wreak havoc with it. (Dustand*******)

It's a Carter Family type of morning! Real country. none of this psudo-country-pop with a lap steel guitar business! (Offl***)

Been thinking of getting a lap steel guitar. is this a good idea? please advise. Full disclosure: i don't know how to play guitar. (Phelpsr*******)

He was great but severely under mixed. Lap steel guitar kind of overpowered everything. Good night however. (Thesid*****)

Uh-oh, going to have a play with the lap steel guitar, better wave goodbye to the day. it's so addictive, Ta Ta (JjClark*******)

Moog synthesizer, the tamboura, the fiddle, the marxophone, clarinet, the music box, pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar. (Lidiac******)

Excited about how this Orange Dye is looking on the new lap steel guitar I am Building. The Figures in the wood are flamed "Tiger Guitar" (EricAbe******)

Listening back to weekend service recordings. seriously thinking of picking up a proper lap steel guitar. m. quick, talk me out of it. (Kang****)

I think I'm going to make a makeshift Lap Steel Guitar today. That should be fun. (Jaredr*****)

Playing a show at Westville Pub tonight w/Josh Gibbs on lap steel guitar. Come on out Asheville and support live music. davedesmelik. com (Davede******)

You mean like a lap steel guitar or just on your knees? You want to try the Angus Young spinning in circles trick! (TimboM******)

Just broke out my grandpa's lap steel guitar. Dropped it down to (open) drop A tuning. Thinking of what distortion to add to it. This. (Camedi******)

My house got robbed. Items stolen: lap steel guitar, mamiya rb67 w/ Polaroid back, flash meter, sony headphones, turntable needles. (Rev_****)

Feeling the desire to learn to play lap steel guitar. Feeling the need to make more room for music in my life - wish I had more time for it. (Angel****)

Why do I have the sudden urge to buy a lap steel guitar? It's that s fault playing Aloha Oe AGAIN. (Winkle******)

After playing slide on a song while working on some sick new music with , i really want to buy a lap steel guitar (Colin****)

Got all the lap steel guitar done on my new album and I find I forgot to do the guitar tracks on 1 song. Damn! Guess I finish tomorrow! (Gimpal*****)

Looking to borrow a lap steel guitar for my upcoming europe tour. message me if ya have any leads. thx (Brand*****)

I was so excited when I got my country lap steel guitar, but 16-year-old Thom Dunn inside of me was so pissed that I sold out. (Thom****)

Slipp'in and Slide'in on the Lap Steel Guitar!! Make'in sweet music! ;) Listen to some of my sweet music here and enjoy!! (Gimpal*****)

Finding a lap-steel guitar on my way home from watching a 3-2 win against Norwich at Loftus Road, Boxing Day 1996. Still have it. (Kee***)

It is difficult not to embrace a lap steel guitar and appalachian soul when it is done right. (BBer****)

Ordered myself a lap steel guitar today. I am pumped! I blame and for this new addiction (Jordanv*******)

Oh good a lap steel guitar. my favorite instrument. apparently it's shocking the crap out of the player. good. electrocution. (Tinyshi*******)

Anyone know how to play a lap steel guitar? Because I really wanna learn how to play it. (Daniellu*******)

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