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Exmark - USA

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60 External Comments

Come see us the Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo Fri-Sun in Madison WI. Sign up to win a Exmark Quest 48" riding zero-turn mower. (Exmarko*******)

Thanks ExMark Metro for serving as a great backup while my Phazer is at the dealer. (DansLa******)

Thank you backup ExMark Metro for all your hard work today while my ExMark Phazer is in the shop!! (DansLa******)

Just towed a minivan a couple blocks with my Exmark Zero Turn LAWNMOWER! That's a redneck youtube video moment!! (Dougs****)

Two more Exmark Vantage stand-on mowers out the door! These rigs are catching on! (Jenning******)

Just sold an exmark Viking walk behind mower. Its a good thing but, sad to c it go. It was a crucial part of my mowing division for years.. (Jay***)

What's your favorite thing about your Exmark? Send us a and let us know! (Exmark******)

I'm back from the big Exmark video shoot. feels good to be home, but that was tons of fun! huge props to (Kendric******)

Check out our Facebook pages for behind the scenes shots from the 2011 Exmark TV shoot! (Advent******)

Just wrapped day 2 of the exmark video shoot at Realtree Farms. got some pickup shots in the AM but it's been fun! (Kendric******)

Gettin ready to roll on Exmark's 2011 TV spots feat. Bill & Tyler Jordan and Hank & Ben Parker. Shooting at Realtree Farms, awesome place! (Advent******)

Also, in the continuation of an earlier case: Exmark vs. douchebag's speakers. Exmark: 2 Douchebag's speakers: 0 (Scruff*****)

Also, an exmark walk behind mower will literally pull you up a hill, whether you want to go up the hill or not (Scruff*****)

C-Systems has been invited to display EZ-Link integration at the Toro & Exmark Booths during GIE-Expo. (Csyste*****)

Gie-expo opens thursday oct 28. drop by and see us at booth 7004. we will also be in the toro booth 7192 & exmark booth 7094. (Csyste*****)

Exmark is getting ready to take to the New Products Arena stage at GIEEXPO to make company announcements. Be there! (GIE_****)

All Americans & Republicans must fire TruGreen LandCare Co. CEOs, staff, illegal staff for using Japanese Co. "Exmark" tools to disturb me! (Importan*******)

Happy Thanksgiving from Exmark!! What are you most thankful for this year? (Exmark******)

My bestfriend. I don't think you're going to like him being in the Exmark Community. :)) (Ra**)

We just gave back the new Scag Tiger-Cat for review and intend on getting the mounting system for the Exmark Nextgen models done very soon! (MibarPr******)

Someone just called asking if we carried pink bb guns. Um, we sell equipment, as in John Deere, Kubota, Stihl, Exmark. NOT fire arms. (Adna***)

Tell coach simms to cut yo hair wit tha exmark. wit yo yard head ass (Jdez****)

Some sort of tv that plays exmark stuff. it keeps playing over and over. (Adna***)

The new Exmark 36" Vantage has arrived! Get through those gates with Exmark's latest stand-on unit. (Jenning******)

Our eXmark demos and clearence machines are on the showroom floor! Come take a look, while they are still here. (FCTa****)

Spring is finally almost here. We are stocked up on Exmark, Toro, Stihl and Echo (Gcwil*****)

One Demo SOLD, that leaves one exmark demo and 4 leftover machines (FCTa****)

We carry john deere, kubota, stihl, exmark, landpride, and bush hog. (Southsi*******)

Trott Lawn Care Services is a proud supporter of Exmark Mowers. Thank you for listening to the end user! (TrottLa******)

Fleet price available for volume users on echo, stihl, exmark and scag. ask for details (Gcwil*****)

Going lawn mower shopping again tomorrow! Most likely we'll be getting the top of the line Exmark. (Dup***)

Waiting for my new Turfco T30, Echo blower and trimmer, and to get my new Exmark back from service. So now it's going to snow Sunday!?!?!? (Bestla******)

Exmark recalling some riding lawn mowers due to bad welds that could cause crashes. Exmark is a division of Bloomington-based Toro. (KTLK***)

No problem! It's what we're here for. Let us know if you need any other help finding your local Exmark dealer. (Exmark******)

We'd recommend having your Exmark dealer look at it so they can find the problem. DM us your email and we can send more info. (Exmark******)

My exmark has 500 hrs on it and the kawasaki 29hp engine smokes and uses oil. kawasaki's solution? "thicker oil". that's customer service?! (Bestla******)

Exmark lazer z 60" lawn mower deck rebuild kit this rebuild kit includes 3 complete deck spindle assemblies, 3 deck blades, . aftermarket o (Sabrina******)

Crusty astounded by my lack of skills, weedwacking. Won't let me use the fun looking Exmark. (Rustbe******)

Huge savings on toro. cub cadet. kubota. exmark. snapper. cub cadet yanmar, echo and alot more ! (Emeric******)

New!! Our direct bolt on mount for the eXmark Next Gen mowers that becomes a structural component of the frame strong enough for plow use. (MibarPr******)

Check out Mutton Mower Parts' News Section and look at our price comparison on Exmark Original Parts between us and the the other guys! (Mutton*****)

Sounds about like mine. I bought my tractor 2nd hand, & have never regretted it. Still prefer my ExMark zero turn to mow, though (TheGrav*******)

Just signed up Exmark Pride site :) Also picked up their 2011 catalog. Love the products, AND stickers and the tattoo! (Felly****)

Skoal, Dodge truck with a cummins engine, 2 scag mowers , 1 exmark , let the mowing begin (YoungG******)

Thank you companies like exmark, who make our job so much easier. a propane exmark will save you big money on fuel costs! (Terrafo******)

Demo-ing Navigator today. I hope this works out! Too many problems with the other mower. not an Exmark. That might be it! (Felly****)

Looking for a zero turn mower. Exmark Lazer z e series in the lead. Anyone have any thoughts? (Thski*****)

I want a dual propane Scag! I have a zero turn exmark 48" now. I'm trying to go green! (DatDud*****)

Hangin' with the Homies. and an Exmark or two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight . we need more Exmarks. (Ladye*****)

Pushed an exmark lawnmower with Joe today uphill both ways poured sweat still looked good love Neutrogena healthy volume waterproof mascara! (Nikor*****)

Check out Muttonmowerparts. com! We have Toro. JohnDeere. Bobcat. Ariens. eXmark & more top brands with CHEAP prices & great parts (Mutton*****)

Just saw a guy wearing a exmark shirt, meanwhile riding a old snapper. Thought you would enjoy that (Noah****)

Is going to cut some grass with the exmark and crafsman bush mower and the echo trimmer and the husky blower (Joness*****)

U can get ECHO & Shindaiwa handheld machines + exmark mowers, bearcat debris management, littlewonder, classen & Trynex all from EPEC (EchoTo*****)

Wow! Hearing amazing things about the Exmark line from local dealers & end users. I'm really looking forward to hitting the ground running. (EchoTo*****)

Congrats on winning the toy replica of the Exmark Navigator. Send me your details and I'll get it in the mail to you. (Howardb*******)

Stens 125-120 fuel cap replaces with gauge john deere am39206 exmark 1-513508 toro 1-513508 exmark 1-303284 dixie chopper 402 exmark 1- (Oldroth******)

Come visit us at GIE+Expo October 27-29 at booth 7094 to see what Exmark will have new for 2012. (Exmark******)

Gr. part wkly ritual dealing with a really strange personality of exmark printer. Has a different reason not to print almost daily now. (Sherry*****)

Ayp/roper/sears 106316x, 109550x, bobcat 188019, exmark 1-543259, 1-551054, 51054, ferris 1521083, 5021083, great dane d180, husqvarna (Chertk******)

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