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Bowtech - USA

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60 External Comments

Dont lie ur gonna get a bowtech just cause ben wears the hat. wait. is that why ur gettin into archery? (Jsb***)

Yes, nice madison valley bull. got 15 yr old high country. Want a bowtech but don't "need" one. Maybe this year. if I trade well (Schne*****)

Did U get your elk last year. What kind of bow do you shoot. Mathews, bowtech. hoyt. (Big***)

Good luck bow hunting this weekend. I'm with your husband go with the Bowtech.8) (IowaB*****)

We want to hear from you!! What are some cool things you've always wanted to know more about that happen behind the scenes at BowTech? (BowTech*******)

Finally found the bow I want, bowtech assassin, next goal. money money money money, money (Norto****)

Just went and picked up my new BowTech sniper bow time to practice now (Jeffery******)

Anxiously awaiting my new, lefty Bowtech Invasion. can't wait! (Ljshunti*******)

We've gotten 1,0 more fans in 2 1/2 weeks! Thanks for sharing our BowTech page on your walls! (BowTech*******)

Just ordered a BowTech Invasion in Black Ops on Saturday! Now the wait begins! (ILcor****)

My top picks for 2011, hoyt element, bowtech invasion, pse evo, elite hunter (ILcor****)

The new bows from hoyt, bowtech, pse and mathews are all sick. I just don't shoot the newest. (Firstli*******)

Thats my problem, i want a bowtech asasin , which is a adult bow, get it at 60 pounds, ill be good, but i aint got 650 (WhiteK*****)

Picked up my new Bow from JimBows in Calgary. Got the Bowtech Assassin and got her initial setup down. Thanks to Joe JimBows and Bowtech (TeamULT******)

Leave in a week for bowhunt in Kentucky. The Bowtech needs to lay one out. (Gerry****)

Kyle, Russ, Marcus and Corey killed a monster gator with the Bowtech Sat night on Eufaula. 11'8" over 600 pounds. (BADspo******)

So I cannot decide between the Hoyt vixen or the bowtech heartbreaker any suggestions? (JessK*****)

Screw homecomin. I got better stuff to do. like deer huntin. I'm goin with my bowtech (Sawyer*****)

Heard the first coyotes about 10 minutes ago! Better not see them or the Bowtech Assassin will have to go to work! (WVHunt*****)

If this little doe doesn't get out from under my treestand she's gonna get a little lethal injection called BOWTECH (_Rason*****)

Nice- I am trying to become proficient with my used Bowtech Captain and got my boy a Fuse bow- what are you shooting? 80 ? :) (Gavin****)

I am between Hoyt and Mathews! The bowtech dealer never has stock! So can't just order something I've never shot (Marcus******)

I was thinking between Hoyt and Mathews! The bowtech dealer never has stock! So can't just go & order something I've never shot (Marcus******)

In tree again. hope 10 comes I. the bowtech is ready to eat with the grim reaper! (Buck****)

I almost traded in my Invasion but I wanna see what BowTech comes up with in Jan. before making my choice. Its my top pick for now. (ILcor****)

Wish a hunter luck here in NC with his Realtree. BoneCollector. G5. Bowtech arsenal! (BradTi*****)

One of my gran kids kill his first deer with a bow and it was a bowtech today (Oldkybo*******)

U know what that buck just might but my Bowtech will destroy him if it gets the chance (BigBu****)

If your lookin for a new bow comes check out reeves sport shop. got mathews hoyt bowtech. archery range and all (Saws****)

Southern Bowtech Archery Club won the Team Shoot out at the National Archery Shoot over the weekend. which included me of course.9** K (Skorpi******)

Alot depends on what youre willing to spend. pse omen, hoyt carbon eliment, bowtech destroyer (AustinMe*******)

The Bowtech Bows are in. Get your Assassin or Invasion bow today!! (Blessed*******)

It's just a feeling thing. If it feels right when you shoot it go for it. You can't go wrong with Matthews, Hoyt or Bowtech (Tril***)

Bowtech will be releasing their new flagship bow in a few weeks at the ATA show. (Bowda****)

I might shot a vector weekend at the shop, what you think of the Bowtech Invasions I haven't shot one , heard good things though! (Whiteta******)

Need new broadheads. prefer fixed blade. shooting a bowtech allegiance (Steven_******)

Looking to connect with as many bowenwork / bowtech practitioners as i can. love the inspiration! (Zenfrom******)

Dont have a muzzleloader but will have the bowtech back in action (Greenho*******)

Just shot the Bowtech Invasion CPX. I have to admit, that's one sweet bow. I think I'm sold, wish I had the money. lol (Addison*******)

Im trying to decide between a Hoyt CRX32 or Bowtech Admiral. Whatcha think? (SwampJ*****)

Yup ur old ?? Im getting my first Bow what would u recommend Bowtech/Hoyt (Nyc2***)

That's for damn sure. Randy got that new Bowtech and Ross has been giving him a hard time (Lste****)

Just got our first south Texas white tail on film. Nice little doe at 20 yards with the Bowtech (SS_Out******)

The new Bowtech is definitely something I'll be checking out (NYBowh*****)

Hey Ben should I get a Bowtech or Hoyt im getting into Bow hunting (Nyc2***)

Bowtech Heartbreaker. And that's what she does. breaks hearts. ;) (Gaill****)

Only bow I yet to own is a bowtech. which one would you reccommend. (CamC****)

That's why I like Bowtech the lower end bows are affordable and still go and there top end are fast and smooth (Bolton*****)

We would like the PSE or Bowtech line, mostly the Bowtech line. Affordable lower end and blazing fast top end. (Cor***)

How would the next guy get his "new" bow? Ur satisfied w/ ur Bowtech & that's what counts! We all can shoot! Whoot! (Cor***)

Go Bowtech i gave up my PSE for a Bowtech and I love it. I'm not a hoyt fan (Bolton*****)

There is not a Bowtech dealer in Owensboro, only 2 shops in Owensboro, PSE & Hoyt/Matthews (Cor***)

Bowtech has a fully equipped bow for like 600 , way to cheaply made (TheOutd******)

Maybe matthews but idt bowtech or pse there both cheaply made (TheOutd******)

Haha that's why hoyt might be paying bowtech for some of there techologies. (Bolton*****)

Hoyt technology is way farther then bowtech .. Noone shoots bowtech but that one pro guy (TheOutd******)

I don't like hoyt lol the technology isn't up there with Bowtech is comfortable to shoot (Bolton*****)

We personally like Hoyt Matthews and Bowtech and might go for pse (Teamspe*******)

It is very impressive I am a Bowtech man for life now unless I find something better. Unlikely though (Bolton*****)

The 3 that i luv this season. pse evo, bowtech insanity and hoyt element rkt. all exceptional weapons! i want all 3! lol! (ILcor****)

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